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£8000 Compensation Award for Slip on Stairs in Corfu

Holiday Accident Compensation

Simpson Millar Travel LLP were able to help Mr Ellis from Bradford claim in excess of £8000 when he slipped on wet steps at a hotel called the San Stefanos in the Greek Island of Corfu.

Mr Ellis was assisted by the Specialist Travel Law Team at Simpson Millar Solicitors.

He was represented by Simon Lomax, Overseas Claims Manager at Simpson Millar, who specialises in helping people make compensation claims for accidents in Greece.

The Perils of Marble Stair Cases in Greece

On 17 September 2009, Mr Ellis was making his way to the swimming and while descending a marble staircase he slipped on the bottom of the steps causing an injury to his shoulder.

He slipped because the marble steps were wet, either, because it had just been cleaned or because a fellow holidaymaker had used the step following a swim in the pool.

The lethal concoction of a slippery marble surface and water had meant that there was an accident was waiting to happen.

There was no warning sign in place to indicate that the steps were wet and there were no non-slip treads on the steps as is customary in Greece.

Praise for Excellent Service

Mr Ellis decided that he wanted a holiday law specialist to represent him and instructed Simon Lomax who has intimate knowledge of the health and safety laws in Greece.

The Claim was made against the Tour Operator, Thomson Holidays, who organised the package holiday that featured the hotel where the accident happened.

After an initial free consultation with Mr Lomax about the difficulties of making a compensation claim in Greece, Mr Ellis decided that by instructing Simon, it was Simpson Millar that could get him the best result for his injury in Corfu.

Following his successful award, Mr Ellis said of Simon that his service was “very good” and remarked that the calibre of staff that dealt with his claim were excellent.

Not a Penny Paid In Legal Costs!

Mr Ellis instructed us to represent him with his Holiday Claim on a No Win No Fee basis.

Because, as is normal in holiday accident claims, Thomson agreed to pay his legal costs, Mr Ellis received 100 per cent of his accommodation costs and that was the end of the matter for him.

Can I Make an Accident Claim for an Injury in Greece

Your chances of making a successful accident claim if injured in Greece are greatly enhanced if your accident occurred on a package holiday with the likes of Thomson, Thomas Cook or First Choice.

We would recommend that you contact a member of the Simpson Millar Travel, like Mr Ellis did, for a free consultation for help with making an accident claim in Greece.

If you suffer a severe injury on holiday, we do recommend that you instruct a travel solicitor who has experience in making claims for accidents that take place abroad.

Simpson Millar can do all the hard work for you such as arranging a medical appointment and working out all the facts and figures.

We are happy to speak to friends and relatives of people injured on holiday as well.

Dated: 21/02/2012


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