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TUI UK Denies Liability but Still Pays Out £13,000


After just 3 days, our unfortunate holiday maker was struck down by illness at the Iberostar Costa Doroda Hotel in the resort of Playa Dorada, the Dominican Republic.

What should have been a 14 night all inclusive paradise, turned into 12 nights of hell after our holiday-goer was forced to come home early due to her illness.

Struck Down by Illness

Our traveller knew something was wrong when she suddenly developed a severe illness. She suffered week long stomach cramps and abdominal pains, vomiting up to 3 times a day and diarrhoea an unsettling 15 times a day.

Holiday Hotel Watch

Our female vacationer had unknowingly contracted a gastrointestinal infection caused by eating tainted food and unhygienic conditions in the hotel.

On visiting the onsite doctor who noted her high temperature and dehydration, she was diagnosed with severe gastroenteritis. She was admitted to the local hospital where she was immediately put on a drip to treat her symptoms. Samples were also taken to determine the source of her debilitating condition.

Due to the severity of the symptoms our holiday maker was bed ridden for the rest of her holiday and returned home 2 days earlier than expected.

TUI UK Disputed Liability Throughout

Despite the evidence, tour operator TUI UK disputed liability throughout, forcing our traveller to undertake a medical assessment to confirm her illness.

The medical report confirmed her symptoms of severe infective gastroenteritis, with signs of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) still remaining. She was prescribed more medication to alleviate the after effects of being poisoned at the hotel.

This avoidable illness affected her quality of life, ruined her holiday and impacted on her performance at work.

TUI UK continued to deny liability to the very end, but put forward a compensation offer of £13,000. Our wronged holiday-goer deemed this an appropriate remedy for her continued pain and suffering.

Dated: 10/06/2013


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