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Family receive over £10,000 in Red Sea Holiday Village Salmonella Compensation Claim

Simpson Millar are currently representing a group of over 200 people that suffered from “Egyptian Tummy” at the Red Sea Holiday Village.

If you have stayed at the Red Sea Holiday Village and suffered from a stomach bug resulting in symptoms such as sickness and diarrhoea we can offer you no-win-no-fee legal representation.

Egyptian Bug ruins Holiday

Mr Massey from the West Midlands decided to take his family on what was intended to be a dream family holiday at the Red Sea Holiday Village in Egypt on an all-inclusive board basis. However, just a few days into the holiday he and his children were struck down with severe abdominal pain and diarrhoea.

The family had their holiday to Egypt ruined by sickness and diarrhoea which continued when they arrived back in the UK. Upon visiting their GP, stool samples were taken which tested positive for salmonella – a type of food poisoning caused by negligent hygiene standards.

Expert Food Poisoning Lawyer Weighs In

Like most people in his situation, Mr Massey had not experienced anything like this before. While everyone expects a bit of a stomach upset on holiday, especially in places like Egypt, the extent of the illness left the family devastated.

Luckily for Mr Massey, he decided to instruct one of the UK’s leading holiday lawyers, Simon Lomax of Simpson Millar, who actually used to work for First Choice.

Simon instigated a claim against First Choice for the Salmonella suffered at the Red Sea Holiday Village. First Choice were responsible for the safety of Mr Massey because it was them that sold him the holiday, even though the hotel was in Egypt.

First Choice Fold under Pressure from Leading UK Travel Lawyer

Initially First Choice denied liability for the illness suffered. However, due to Simon’s wealth of experience, they quickly capitulated resulting in a compensation pay-out way in excess of £10,000.

Upon receiving his compensation, Mr Massey praised Simpson Millar for the (in his words) a “First class service from start to finish”.

Of Simon he said he was “Friendly and helpful” and “was always there for us when we needed help or information and advice.”

Simon, Simpson Millar’s Group Holidays Claims Manager, advised:

“The fact that a family of should suffer from salmonella at the Red Sea Holiday Village is unacceptable.”

“Most types of Salmonella can be prevented if appropriate standards of food hygiene are adopted such as storage and cooking food to the right temperatures.”

“Properly trained staff involved in the service of food at the Red Sea Holiday Village should follow sensible steps to safeguard the safety of their guests. Had they done so this dreadful ordeal that my clients went through could have been avoided.”

Red Sea Holiday Illness Bug – Help and Assistance

Holiday Hotel Watch

If you have suffered from what you think may have been food poisoning at the Red Sea Holiday Village or any other hotel in Egypt, we recommend that you contact us today for assistance.

If you are still in resort and are suffering from serious illness, we suggest that you seek medical assistance although you may want to attempt to speak to your GP before accepting any medication – some of the medicines permitted in Egypt are not prescribed in the UK.

We offer no-win-no-fee representation for food poisoning claims and would be happy to speak to anyone they think may have a good grounds for a claim.

Contact us now on 0808 145 1353.

Dated: 10/04/2012