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Holiday Village Illness leads to £6,000 Claim


Simpson Millar has helped a Liverpool holidaymaker win a compensation claim against the tour operators involved in her Egyptian holiday.

Mrs Rawes was holidaying with her son at a Holiday Village in Egypt called The Red Sea when they struck down with a stomach bug.

They approached Simpson Millar, experts in holiday claims for compensation and their case can be inspected at the company’s offices.

It is believed that around 100 other families were involved in the claim and were quite ill as a result of a bug which is called Cryptosporidium. They were holidaying with tour operators First Choice along with Mrs Rawes.

The claims were successful and Mrs Rawes got £6,000 for her distressful experience.

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She said: "Simpson Millar were very professional at all times".

Mrs Rawes complimented the manager in charge of the case – a Paul Stevens – who supported Mrs Rawes through the process. She said: "Paul always kept me up to date with our case."

She praised the staff who supported Paul saying they were ‘excellent’ and that she was delighted with her compensation award.

Paul was happy with the outcome and the speed with which Mrs Rawes’ case could be resolved.

He said: Cryptosporidium is usually associated with poor swimming pool management.

"First Choice need to be mindful of the hygiene required to maintain swimming pools to a high standard and avoid harmful bugs to their clients.”

Paul said the company is now looking into claims of similar outbreaks of bugs at another of First Choice’s resorts.

Simpson Millar will engage with clients to look into their cases without committing to a fee. Only if the case is won do they then take their fee and they are working constantly with families who have been ill at resorts around the world.

Dated: 17/05/2013


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