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Yorkshire Woman Wins Food Poisoning Case


Simpson Millar solicitors have been successful in supporting a Hull woman in her claims over food poisoning against a popular Egyptian resort.

Ms. Gardiner was staying at the Tropicana Sea Beach resort in Sharm El Sheikh when she came down withsymptoms akin to salmonella including severe stomach cramps and associated conditions.

Although Ms. Gardiner didn’t test positive for Salmonella, Simpson Millar put the case to First Choice, her tour operator and won.

Simpson Millar are specialist travel lawyers and Ms. Gardiner’s claim can be inspected at their Manchester offices.

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Ms. Gardiner praised the high service she received from Simpson Millar saying they had provided an ‘efficient service’ which she would recommend.

She also highlighted the helpful and able service given by Paul Stevens, Simpson Millar’s experienced holiday claims lawyer.

Paul said research had raised an alarm over several problems arising at the hotel relating to poor hygiene. These claims included staff wearing dirty uniforms and brushes being used to clean both floors and tables.

He said: “You tend to find that if there are hygiene problems that are clearly visible, there is a lot worse going on behind the scenes.

“Food poisoning such as salmonella can be avoided by correct preparation in the kitchens, good hand washing procedures and the appropriate separation of cooked and raw food.”

He went on to say that proof of having contracted Salmonella was not necessarily required although should symptoms arise then medical help should be sought as soon as possible as if you fail to get medical confirmation of illness then it is more difficult to provide evidence that you have fallen foul of hygiene or bug infections.

Tour operators will provide clients with forms to fill in appropriately logging the incidents. Incomplete filling out of the forms would affect any future claims so, Paul said, be mindful of making sure you fill the forms out correctly.

Simpson Millar continues to represent clients that have come back from holidays to Egypt with Tour Operators such as Thomas Cook, Thomson, First Choice and Red Sea Holidays. Other travel companies that feature Egypt are and

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Dated: 20/05/2012


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