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Over £3,000 damages after gastric problems ruin romantic Red Sea holiday

James Blower - Senior Holiday Claims Specialist

Dated: 28th August 2015

Severe gastric illness contracted at an Egyptian hotel has led to a successful claim for compensation against the travel firm TUI UK Ltd.

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Illness at the Jaz Mirabel Park Hotel in July 2013

When illness struck our client was holidaying with his partner at the Sharm El Sheikh holiday resort in Egpyt

The painful symptoms, later diagnosed as severe gastric illness, continued to plague the 25 year-old for some time after the couple had returned home to Warlington in Surrey.

"It's certain that poor food and water hygiene standards at the hotel caused our client's condition," Simpson Millar's James Blower explained.

All-inclusive package – hotel's liability was clear

James explained that our client was with his partner on a romantic getaway, booked on an all-inclusive basis.

"He fell ill two days after arriving at the hotel," James said. "This meant the 7-night holiday was effectively ruined."

"The couple didn't eat away from the hotel complex at all."

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Holiday ruined

Suffered severe stomach cramps, watery diarrhoea and vomiting, which continued for the rest of the holiday

Illness continued after holiday, client was 'grounded'

The settlement helped compensate for the lost holiday and the pain and suffering our client was forced to endure.

James Blower, Simpson Millar Solcitors

"On his return to the UK he was still experiencing diarrhoea and stomach cramps," James continued. "He visited his GP, where a stool sample proved negative. But the severe symptoms carried on for some time.

"Our client is youthful and active, but he was unable to pursue any of his favourite hobbies because his illness had left him so drained."

James said that after we formally wrote to TUI UK Ltd, the defendant acknowledged the claim.

"Obtaining medical evidence was essential due to the length of time our client experienced illness symptoms.

"TUI agreed to deal with the matter amicably and, once the medical evidence was complete, an offer was tabled reflecting our client's loss."

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£3172 compensation accepted

The defendant responded with a reasonable counter offer of £3,172, which our client decided to accept

Long-term effects of gastric illness

"The case shows how these types of illnesses can strike anybody," James said. "It also highlights how long-lasting the effects of a gastric infection can be, with weight loss and fatigue continuing long after the diarrhoea and vomiting has stopped."

Jaz Mirabel Park Hotel illness postcard testimonial

James added that our client was very upset that his holiday with his girlfriend had been ruined. "His illness and the continuing symptoms had a further impact on his life once he had returned to the UK."

"The settlement helped compensate for the lost holiday and the pain and suffering our client was forced to endure."

Delighted with Simpson Millar

Following settlement, our client praised Simpson Millar's "great service… always clear when explaining things. [I am] very, very happy with the final outcome."

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