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Salmonella contracted at Egyptian hotel leads to £2,500 compensation from Thomson

A High Wycombe holidaymaker who contracted Salmonella food poisoning in Sharm El Sheikh has been awarded damages from Thomson Holidays.

Poor hygience standards among food staff at all inclusive restaurant

Our client became ill in July 2014, shortly after arriving home from a holiday at the Club Magic Life Imperial.

The holidaymaker had been accompanied at the Red Sea resort hotel by her husband, who by the time she became ill was already suffering with similar symptoms.

The couple had booked an all-inclusive package at the Club Magic Life, which covered all the eating arrangements for their 8-day stay.

"The vast majority of our meals were taken in the main restaurant, which as well as a self-service buffet also had stations where staff cooked," our client said.

Lax standards among food staff were clear

The 39 year-old teacher noted that she rarely saw cleaning substances being used in food areas by hotel staff, who did not wear head coverings or gloves.

"At one time we saw a bird flying overhead in the main restaurant, even though all the buffet food was uncovered. There was also the odd bug flying around."

Our client added that, of the hotel's 2 swimming pools, neither appeared to be cleaned or have its water tested by staff.

Severely ill on returning home

Holiday food poisoning salmonella

2 days before the end of the holiday, our client's husband complained of stomach pains and diarrhoea. By the evening of their return to High Wycombe, both were feeling severely ill.

"My husband was worse and I was steadily deteriorating," she said. "At the same time I felt terribly lacking in energy, lethargic and with my temperature fluctuating."

Simpson Millar's Simon Lomax noted that by the Monday after their holiday, the couple's symptoms had noticeably worsened. "Although they were both bad, school duties meant our client was unable to take time off work."

Food poisoning confirmed

Following a medical examination, our client was advised that she might have contracted an illness related to the pathogen Campylobacter.

However, this diagnosis was later revised to food poisoning brought on by the equally-notorious Salmonella.

"At about the time I received my negative result my full symptoms had abated," she said. "But I still suffered from bouts of loose bowel movements.

"I also had little energy. It wasn't until 3 weeks after first becoming ill that I was fully back to normal."

Thomson Holidays was liable

"We attempted to contact Thomson Holidays to discuss our illness and they were very slow to reply. The firm seemed to be uninterested in our case."

However, our client is certain that the tour company was responsible for the illness that so spoiled the holiday for her and her husband – suspicions confirmed when Thomson finally agreed to pay her £2,500 compensation. (In a parallel case, Simpson Millar was able to help our client's husband successfully claim against the tour company.)

No food consumed elsewhere for entire holiday

Simon Lomax Holiday Illness Claims Manager client Testiminial postcard

Simon said our client has since thought about the causes of her illness. "The fact is the couple never left the hotel premises for the duration of their stay.

"Their symptoms could only have been due to poor hygiene practices by the staff, whom I believe were not suitably trained. Thomson should have made sure the staff were better regulated."

Our client praised Simpson Millar for our "very competent, professional and helpful" service. "The whole process was very thorough, and we were kept well-informed throughout.

"We subsequently heard that others had been similarly ill while staying at the same hotel. Apparently they were told by holiday reps that this was down to the heat."

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