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Youngster's holiday accident leads to damages claim

The parents of a 6-year-old boy are claiming damages from TUI (UK) Ltd after their son was badly cut by a shattering glass door at a Spanish hotel.

Slip trip and fall injury and accident abroad

The accident happened on the first day of the family's 2014 summer break at the Aqua Splash Estival Resort, Costa Dorada.

"Our client, then 6, was badly hurt when a glass door in his apartment shattered," Simpson Millar's Claire Rabbetts explained.

"Playing in the room with his younger brother, he made to go out onto the balcony area. However, he didn't realise the patio doors were closed and he walked straight through the glass."

Warning stickers were absent

Claire added that no warning signs had been attached to the featureless glass doors, which to the unsuspecting gave the appearance of an open exit.

"The glass instantly shattered, causing the boy to suffer a number of injuries."

The youngster's parents summoned assistance and a lifeguard administered first aid.

"An emergency doctor was called and our client received treatment for his wounds, which included steri-strips and bandages," Claire said.


The boy's parents had to curtail their holiday and return early to the UK to obtain treatment for their son, who sustained scarring wounds to his lip, shoulder, thigh, shins and legs.

"He was clearly traumatised by the incident," Claire said. "Since returning home he has received medical treatment from his GP and, because some of his wounds became infected, has had to take antibiotics.

"He's also been left with numerous scars as a result of his injuries. Hopefully these will fade with time, but if the appearance of the scars do not change as he gets older he may require revision surgery."

Slip trip and fall injury and accident abroad

Was this hotel really family-friendly?

Claire observed that the hotel had been advertised as suitable for families. "Given the circumstances here, it's debatable whether a room in which a large area of glass can so easily break is fit for families with young children," she said.

"The youngster's family would not have booked this hotel if they'd realised such a hazard awaited."

On the youngster's behalf we wrote to TUI citing 11 breaches of Package Travel Regulations. At time of writing, the case remains 'live' and at medical evidence stage.

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