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£2,000 Compensation for Illness at Cleopatra Luxury Resort in Egypt

James Blower - Senior Holiday Claims Specialist

Dated: 18th March 2016

Following instructions from our client we have made a successful claim for illness compensation, with our client being awarded £2,000 due to illness and discomfort after a stay in the Cleopatra Luxury Resort located in the popular Sharm El Sheikh region in Egypt.

The Cleopatra Luxury Resort is offered as a package holiday destination by Monarch and is sold as giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy an aquatic focus, being positioned on the Nabq Bay of the Red Sea.

Boasting a private beach and jetty, as well as a selection of swimming pools and activities to make the most of the location, the resort claims to have a friendly team who will look after guests when they’re not having a dip in the water, offering a range of drinks and meals, with a focus on the quality of the food that they serve.

The resort offers a wide choice of dishes that includes an Italian restaurant, a local seafood restaurant and an omelette station.

Unfortunately for our clients it appears that the food that The Cleopatra Resort offers as a selling point for their holiday is what brought their time abroad to an end.

Egyptian Holiday Ruined by Illness

Our client was little over halfway through their holiday when disaster struck, with what initially began with feeling bloated and uncomfortable, leading to diarrhoea and more severe symptoms. Our client soon developed flu-like symptoms which included headaches and a sense of dizziness and nausea.

Unfortunately this ruined the remainder of our clients’ time in Egypt as they had to seek medical attention, with part of the treatment causing particular distress to our client, and having to undergo a variety of tests in order to stabilise their condition.

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Poor Swimming Pool Hygiene

Our clients informed us that there was a clear issue with hygiene at The Cleopatra Luxury Resort in Nabq Bay, where it was clear that while everything was kept tidy and appeared to be clean on the surface, standards were not being maintained by the hotel staff.

Our client used the pool daily before becoming ill and never noticed that any steps were being taken to keep the pool clean to ensure that the risk of illness such as the one that our client experienced and a potential outbreak were minimised.

Client only ate at the Resort

Our client ate and drank exclusively at her resort to minimise the risk of illness, however it was apparent that proper steps were not being taken to ensure that food was being kept at a proper temperature, such as staff ensuring that food on the buffet was covered, as well as performing regular checks of the temperature of the food.

Our client has stated that the food they had was never piping hot, but instead was warm, which is likely the cause of their holiday illness.

There was also an issue with deterring wildlife away from food serving and dining areas, an issue that is very important for resorts in warmer climates such as Sharm El Sheikh should address as insects, birds and other animals can carry a number of diseases which can be potentially very harmful to humans.

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The Danger of Ice Cubes at Egyptian Resorts

Another issue that our client suffered from was consuming ice cubes with their drinks. Many foreign countries use contaminated water to make ice cubes, particularly in Egypt.

Health Concern in The Cleopatra Resort

Our client experienced a myriad of symptoms related to their condition including low blood pressure, severe dehydration and gastroenteritis. As a result of their condition they were taken to hospital where it was recommended that they be put on a drip due to such severe levels of dehydration.

Upon returning to the UK and seeing a British GP they were advised that it was very likely that they suffered from food poisoning and were now suffering from Colitis, a condition which causes the bowel to become inflamed.

Our clients booked through Monarch, however during their ordeal they were unable to locate a Monarch representative through which they could make a complaint and receive some care for their condition that was sustained through no fault of their own.

In this instance it appears that Monarch has not done all that they should have done to ensure that there are acceptable standards being maintained at the resorts that they send unaware holiday makers to.

£2,000 Compensation Awarded

Our client’s symptoms unfortunately didn’t end upon returning home to the UK, and it took them 6 weeks to fully recover from their nightmare holiday illness, with an essential trip to their GP and further tests, they were unable to return to work for some of this period. Because of this and the levels of stress and suffering that our client been through they have been awarded £2,000 in compensation following representation by a member of our Holiday Claims team at Simpson Millar.

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Entitlement to Compensation

While our client won’t be able to get back the lost time or undo any discomfort that they have felt as a result of poor hygiene at the Cleopatra Resort, their compensation will go some way towards making amends for having to go through such an ordeal, and for what should have been a magical time away in a beautiful part of Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt being ruined.

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