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Holiday Illness Complaint

Thomson Package Holiday Couple experience Illness at Sensatori Hotel in Egypt

We’re pursuing a holiday illness claim on behalf of our clients who have become ill as a result of their stay at the Sensatori Hotel in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt in October 2015. They reported symptoms of diarrhoea, nausea, headaches and lethargy.

Our clients were looking forward to break away together and a chance to enjoy the dry warm climate of Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt away from the grey autumn that we experience in the UK. Thomson sold them a package, which is billed as a hotel that offers state-of-the-art bedrooms, great pools and a luxurious dining experience designed to entice even the most discerning food critic.

Our client’s hopes of having a relaxing and well deserved break in a hotel that was supposed to offer an amazing experience resulted in a ruined holiday.

Poor Hygiene Resulting in Illness at Sensatori

This appears to be a case where a tour operator has offered a dining experience touted to be excellent only for unknowing holiday goers to find that the hygiene at the resort restaurants wasn’t up to scratch. This instance of holiday illness is likely the result of a breakdown of health and safety standards and processes at the Sensatori Hotel that should be in place.

The resulting poor food hygiene has meant that our clients were unable to enjoy their food, going for a daily swim and enjoying the holiday that they had paid for.

Unfortunately our client’s holiday was ruined by poor hygiene at the resort in Sharm el Sheikh, and what should have been a great time to get away from it all and a chance to enjoy great food and the opportunity to go for a swim every day, was instead marred by nausea diarrhoea, headaches and more.

Lack of Care

From our clients reports it is clear that the hotel did not do their part to make sure that our clients were well looked after and because there weren’t procedures in place to ensure that expected HACCP hygiene standards were adhered to, our clients holiday was spoiled.

Thomson holiday food poisoning complaint

It’s the responsibility of hotels and by extension tour operators such as Thomson to ensure that proper care is taken of holidaymakers so that they can travel safe in the knowledge that their holiday won’t be ruined or cut short by illness or an accident.

In this instance, regardless of what failure caused our clients to experience illness to the stage where they were unable to enjoy their holiday; the lack of hygiene at the Sensatori Hotel in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt has resulted in a nightmare of a holiday for our clients.

Other Sufferers of Holiday Illness

Unfortunately our clients aren’t the only ones who have experienced illness at the Sensatori Resort in Sharm el-Sheikh; the Daily Mail recently reported on how a family experienced severe food poisoning that cut short the holiday of this family looking for a break at the 5 star resort.

As a result of their claim they have been awarded £15,000 compensation from Thomson and did their part to ensure that tour operators know that the British public won’t stand for such poor standards as part of their package holidays.

The importance of Claiming for Holiday Illness

It’s important to make sure that that operators are aware that poor hygiene in holiday resorts is unacceptable and that you expect a certain level of quality to be maintained when you travel abroad as part of a package holiday.

It’s the responsibility of hotels and tour operators such as Thomson to ensure that proper care is taken of holidaymakers

Claire Rabbetts, Simpson Millar Solicitors

It’s unacceptable for tour operators to send their customers to locations where their health and well-being will be put at risk, so if you have experienced illness, diarrhoea, food poisoning or any other illnesses such as Salmonella that didn't just bring the enjoyment of your holiday to a halt, or even if you continue to experience an infection that might prevent you from returning to work upon your return, then you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

At Simpson Millar LLP our holiday illness claims team are well versed in processing claims made by holidaymakers who have been let down by their tour operator - we claim the compensation that you’re entitled to.

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