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Cholera – Holiday Illness Linked to Poor Hotel Sanitation!

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Cholera is an acute infection which is spread in water contaminated by human faeces. Today, it usually occurs only in areas of the world where hygiene and sanitation are poor.

Outbreaks often occur shortly after natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes – reports of holidaymakers returning from areas of the world such as Goa, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Cuba are particularly prevalent. Holidaymakers are infected by:

  • Contaminated water – people who are suffering from cholera excrete enormous numbers of live bacteria which pass into sewage
  • Food contamination can occur when flies feed off sewage and then settle on hotel food
  • Shellfish taken from contaminated streams, and
  • Infected Food Handlers – Hotel staff cause person to person spread via the oral-faecal route

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Symptoms of Cholera include: profuse diarrhoea which tend to be watery; vomiting; dehydration; and in severe cases kidney and/or heart failure.

Incubation period: short - hours to 6 days - people who have actually recovered from cholera can continue to excrete the bacteria for months or even years.

Warning: tour operator’s representatives notifying holidaymakers that they are simply suffering from a virus, or over indulgence, or simply an illness caused by change in climate, without confirmation from a qualified doctor could cause travellers long term health problems.

Prevention: the most important preventative measure in areas where cholera occurs is for the public authorities to develop modern methods of treating and disposing of sewage. Multinational hotel chains can assist be installing water purification equipment in their holiday hotels abroad, ensuring drinking water served to holidaymakers is pure (not tap water), testing local food handlers, and by disposing of sewage responsibly (not near the beaches where holidaymakers bath).

Poor standards of health and sanitation led to seriously illness

"Consumer champion, Brenda Wall, stayed on the small Caribbean island of San Andreas to celebrate her 30th Wedding Anniversary. She became extremely ill due to poor standards of health and sanitation on the island. Upon returning to the UK, Brenda and her husband discovered that they, and many other holiday-makers, had been similarly affected with cholera, food poisoning, salmonella, giardia, and dysentery. The holidaymakers sought holiday compensation from First Choice Holidays in what was the first major successful group action to face the Travel Industry."

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