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Balcony – Hotel Balcony Fall Accidents

Every year UK holidaymakers suffer horrific injuries or are killed after falling from balconies at hotels whilst on holiday abroad. Children are often the victims of hotel balcony fall accidents.

Balconies abroad are frequently constructed at a low height and may be designed in a way that enables them to be climbed easily or for small children to slip through the rails.

Balcony furniture positioned next to the balcony wall or railings can be a climbing attraction for children eager to look at what is below.

You should never presume your balcony wall or railing is safe to be leaned on. Maintenance issues do arise which can sometimes mean that the wall or rail is insecure.

Avoiding Balcony Fall Accidents - Safety advice:

  • Do not leave children unsupervised on your balcony
  • Keep balcony doors locked when you are not using your balcony
  • Never leave balcony furniture such as chairs next to balcony railings or walls
  • Do not lean over or sit on balcony walls or railings
  • If you are worried about your balcony – ask to be moved to a ground floor room

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