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Did you suffer from Food Poisoning on Holiday Abroad?

Food Poisoning - Holiday Illness Compensation Claims

Food poisoning on holiday is an increasing problem experienced by holidaymakers who choose to stay at all inclusive hotels abroad. Becoming ill on holiday with food poisoning can prove to be a horrific experience.

Food Poisoning

Simpson Millar Solicitors’ specialist Holiday Claims Experts specialise in food poisoning compensation claims abroad - helping holidaymakers returning from destinations such as Egypt - Tunisia – Mexico – Turkey and Cuba claim compensation for holidays ruined by sickness.

The Latest News on Holiday Food Poisoning Claims:

Food poisoning on holiday is the most common cause of diarrhoea suffered by travellers’ on package holidays abroad. If you are struck down with an illness on a First Choice Holidays, Thomson Holidays, Virgin Holidays, or Thomas Cook holiday get in touch today with our team of experts:

If you are still abroad then don’t forget to report your holiday illness to your tour operator’s representative. Insist that they record your complaint in writing. Collect and swap names and addresses with other holidaymakers who might also be ill. The common experiences of a group of holidaymakers who suffer food poisoning abroad will help you to successfully pursue a holiday food poisoning compensation claim.

Hotel Food Poisoning on Holiday

Most cases of holiday food poisoning are preventable if basic food hygiene practices are observed by foreign hoteliers. Holiday illness is often caused by the consumption of food or beverages which have been contaminated by bacteria – parasites and viruses or less commonly by toxins and chemicals.

Holiday Representatives often suggest that travellers’ diarrhoea is due to a sudden change in lifestyle, climate or diet but most episodes of Gastroenteritis are often caused by food or drink which is contaminated by:

Both cooked and uncooked foods can be implicated if they have been improperly prepared or handled. Particularly risky foods include seafood, raw or undercooked meat, poultry, raw fruit and vegetables. Tap water, ice, unpasteurised milk and dairy products are also associated with an increased risk of holiday illness and food poisoning abroad.

Typical Causes of Food Poisoning at Hotels Abroad

The following practices are unacceptable and are the leading causes of food poisoning on holiday at hotels. These practices cause bacteria such as salmonella to spread rapidly contaminating food.

  • Food served at lukewarm temperatures
  • Chicken and eggs that have not been cooked thoroughly
  • Food left exposed to the heat or insects for long periods
  • Salads washed in local tap water
  • Reheated and recycled food
  • Food handlers using the same utensils to transfer cooked and raw meats
  • Food handlers touching food
  • Birds, cats and other animals being permitted in or around food service areas

Food Poisoning On Holiday - Treatment - Medical Care

Medical assistance should be sought from a doctor if any of the following symptoms are experienced: blood in faeces – fever – confusion and/or if bouts of diarrhoea that do not settle within 72 hours.

WARNING – If you are prescribed antibiotics in Egypt whether by way of tablets or intravenous drip please ensure you understand and are aware of the treatment prescribed.

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