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Did you or a member of your family suffer from Gastroenteritis on holiday abroad?

On holiday illness - Gastroenteritis – was it really caused by an airborne virus?

Gastroenteritis is a broad term describing a common symptom of food poisoning. In medical terms it means the infection or irritation of the digestive tract, particularly the inflammation of the stomach and intestine.

It occurs in various complaints ranging from a short-lived bout of 'Spanish holiday tummy' to a more serious holiday illness caused by:Gastroenteritis Food Poisoning image

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Less common causes of infectious holiday Gastroenteritis experienced by travellers visiting tropical destinations also include: giardia, shigella and amebiasis histolytica. Resorts in Egypt, the Dominican Republic, Turkey, Mexico and Cuba are notorious holiday illness hot spots.

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Causes of Gastroenteritis on holiday: whilst Gastroenteritis can be caused by a virus, many holiday illnesses are spread from person to person by the oral-faecal route due to inadequate care with food and/or poor hygiene practices in the hotel kitchens abroad. Good hygiene practices are central to controlling the growth and spread of enteric infection in all-inclusive hotels abroad.

Holiday representatives advising travellers that they are suffering from gastric illness because of an airborne virus, sun-stoke, over indulgence, change in climate etc. without proper medical investigation could be subjecting customers to debilitating future health problems.

Gastroenteritis Diagnosis: Parasitic, protozoa (a single cell holiday bug) and bacterial infections can only be identified in a laboratory from blood or stool samples.

Treatment: In Gastroenteritis the first aim of treatment is restoring fluids to the body. Vomiting may be overcome by taking tepid drinks in very slow sips. If the attack has been caused by a bacterial organism, such as salmonella, an antibiotic may be necessary.

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