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Giardiasis holiday claims advice

Giardiasis is sometimes considered an obscure disease that only affects those who go camping or trekking through the wilderness, where it's occasionally referred to as 'Beaver Fever'. Unfortunately, it's possible to catch this gastric illness at unhygienic all-inclusive hotels abroad, but if your package holiday has been ruined by a debilitating sickness bug, you could be entitled to compensation.

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Can I make a claim?

Under The Package Travel Regulations 1992, your tour operator is responsible for taking reasonable steps to keep you and your family safe at an all-inclusive hotel on a package holiday. If they don't do this and you become sick, you could be able to claim holiday compensation.

What do I need to do to claim for Giardiasis?

As with any holiday illness, if you suffer Giardiasis, it's vital to receive a diagnosis from a medical professional as soon as possible and have your condition confirmed by your GP in the UK. If you choose to claim compensation, we recommend gathering as much evidence as you can while at your resort. Evidence that may support your claim could include photographs and video of poor hygiene conditions or undercooked meals at your hotel, as well as supporting evidence from other guests who may have also suffered the same symptoms.

If you want to claim after arriving back in the UK, get in touch with our travel law specialists and we'll talk you through your options during a free no-obligation consultation.

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How much is my claim worth?

We usually find that holiday illness claims result in compensation awards between £1,000 and £25,000, but claims can be awarded far more depending on how you were affected. How much you can claim for depends on the specific circumstances of your holiday illness, and because of this we recommend speaking to a member of our travel law team to get a more accurate idea of how much your claim could be worth. The following is an example of a case study to show you how much compensation you could claim for:

Case Study Example: Couple recover £10,100 compensation following sick holiday at Sea Club Resort Egypt

While on an all-inclusive holiday in the Dominican Republic, Mrs Potters developed violent stomach pains, cramps and diarrhoea. Upon her return home, she started extensive medical treatment, resulting in being admitted to the Hospital of Tropical Diseases due to her rapid weight loss. Tests confirmed the presence of giardiasis and she developed post-infective Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). She also developed loose stools, depression, haemorrhoids and rectal bleeding, and had to have an operation to remove her gall bladder.

Her symptoms continued for over 4 years, and because they are expected to continue indefinitely, she was awarded £26,000 in holiday illness compensation.

What is Giardiasis?

Giardiasis is a condition caused by an intestinal infection brought on by the Giardia Lamblia parasite, also known as Giardia Intestinalis and Giardia Duodenalis. This condition isn't considered to be life threatening but does cause debilitating symptoms of gastric illness.

Causes of giardiasis on holiday

How do I contract the Giardia Lamblia parasite?

This hazardous holiday sickness bug is usually contracted through inadvertently consuming faecal matter, whether through food poisoning, specifically the consumption of contaminated water or food prepared with contaminated water, or due to poor hygiene practices.

Where can I catch Giardiasis?

You can contract the Giardia Lamblia parasite anywhere that practices poor hygiene or a lack of food safety process, meaning that this holiday ruining disease could affect you at any of the following popular package holiday destinations:

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What are the symptoms of Giardiasis?

The main symptom of Giardiasis is diarrhoea, but you could also suffer from abdominal cramps, foul-smelling bowel movements, nausea, bloating, indigestion, fatigue, dehydration, loss of appetite and weight loss. Although uncommon, you could also suffer vomiting and a fever.

How long does Giardiasis last?

After you've been infected by the Giardia Lamblia parasite, you'll likely exhibit symptoms after a 1 to 3 week incubation period. Once you have developed symptoms, expect them to last for 2 to 6 weeks, but keep in mind that symptoms can continue for longer depending on your health.

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Who is most at risk?

Giardiasis can affect anyone, but children are more susceptible due to the way that they play and interact with the world, particularly due to their fondness for drinking pool water. Because of this, the parents of infected children can also be at risk.

What should I do if I have Giardiasis?

If you are suffering the symptoms of a gastric illness on holiday, it's vital to receive advice from a medical professional as soon as possible. By receiving a diagnosis you can begin the appropriate treatment and start your road to recovery. It's also advisable to inform a member of staff at your hotel and file a complaint with your tour operator representative.

If you decide that you want to make a claim against your tour operator for a package holiday illness, talk to a travel law specialist.

Why choose a travel law specialist?

Possessing unparalleled experience in travel law; our travel law specialists can advise you on the true value of your claim during a brief consultation. Don't let your tour operator get away with settling your claim for a fraction of its true value, find how we can help you to win the holiday compensation you are entitled to on a 'no win no fee' basis.

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