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Was your holiday ruined by the Giardiasis illness bug?

Claim compensation for Giardia Lamblia illness caused by food poisoning or dirty hotel water today?

Giardiasis or Beaver Fever in humans is a diarrhoeal type infection of the intestine caused by the food poisoning parasite or holiday bug, Giardia Lamblia. This nasty holiday bug has caused prolonged illness to travellers returning from destinations such as Egypt, Mexico, Cape Verde Islands, and the Dominican Republic.

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Giardiasis is spread via:

  • Dirty surfaces (particularly kitchen surfaces) in hotels where hygiene standards are poor
  • Food handlers via the oral-faecal route
  • Ingestion of contaminated swimming pool water, and
  • From drinking water or food contaminated with human sewage

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Symptoms of Giardiasis include: Diarrhoea, weight loss, loss of appetite, and general ill health.

Usual incubation period: 5-25 days (average 7-10 days).

Duration of Giardiasis holiday illness: Holiday sickness may last several weeks or months.

Prevention: Avoid swimming in dirty hotel swimming pools to avoid illness. Drink only bottled water, and eat fruit that can be peeled. Don’t forget to wash your hands regularly.

£26,000 Awarded for Giardiasis Holiday Illness in the Dominican Republic

"Mrs Potters developed violent stomach pains, cramps and diarrhoea during her all-inclusive holiday in the Dominican Republic. Upon her return home, she started extensive medical treatment and was then admitted to the Hospital of Tropical Diseases because of her rapid weight loss. Tests confirmed the presence of giardiasis and she developed post infectious irritable bowel syndrome – she was also suffering from extremely loose stools, mild depression, extensive haemorrhoids and rectal bleeding. She had an operation to remove her gall bladder because it was suspected that they were hindering the resolution of the giardiasis. Her symptoms continued for over 4 years, and they were expected to continue indefinitely although there would be improvement over time. The judge awarded £26,000 for her holiday illness compensation claim."

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