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Rats - Claim Holiday Illness Compensation for Weil's Disease

Was your Holiday Ruined by a holiday illness caused by Rats eg Salmonella food poisoning or Weil's Disease?

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Have you suffered an illness caused by rats during your holiday abroad? Salmonella food poisoning and Weil’s Disease (Leptosirosis) is passed by rodent excreta and urine.

Weil’s Disease is a serious holiday illness which requires hospital treatment. The disease is common in tropical destinations, eg the Caribbean and Egypt, and is probably under diagnosed in Turkey. The disease can be fatal if left untreated. Human infection is:

  • passed from rats but other sources include dogs, livestock and other wild animals
  • passed though contact with broken skin from contaminated water or through contact with tissues or the urine of infected vermin, and
  • contracted from waterborne transmission

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Symptoms of Weil's Disease include: Severe headache, red eyes, aversion to bright light, muscular pain, nausea and fatigue with fever exceeding 40°C. Occasionally there is a rash on the skin, identical to that seen in meningitis. Psychological changes may also be observed - with schizophrenia, changes in personality, hallucinations and violence.

Usual incubation period for Weil's Disease: 7-14 days but can range from 2-25 days. Onset is abrupt.

Duration of holiday illness: A holidaymaker with mild symptoms will usually recover within a few weeks

Prevention is better than cure: Nowhere is this more applicable than with Weil's disease - scrupulous personal and hotel hygiene is the key to success. Avoid direct skin contact with furnishings exposed to rat droppings and urine.

Woman Dies of Weil’s Disease after a Boat Trip on Holiday!

A holidaymaker on a cruise in America drank directly from a can of Cola which had been stored in a refrigerator. The following day she was rushed ashore to a local hospital where sadly she died. The post mortem determined that she contracted Weil’s disease from drinking out of an unwashed can – which had been contaminated by the disease together with other toxic substances harmful to humans. The coroner stated that the tops of Cola cans and bottles have more germs and bacteria than found in public toilets.

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