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What is Salmonella? – Holiday Claims and Compensation!

Salmonella food poisoning is a bacterial infection which travel solicitors claim spoils hundreds of holidays for many UK travellers every year. Disappointed and angry holidaymakers suffering from food poisoning, and who feel let down by their tour operator, are often able to claim compensation via Simpson Millar LLPs ‘no win no fee’ claims service.

Holiday Illness Compensation

Salmonellosis can be a severe holiday illness, presenting as either single cases or in hotel outbreaks and it will inevitably curtail the holiday enjoyment of both the individual and their families or friends.

Symptoms of food poisoning include diarrhoea (often bloody); stomach cramps; headaches; fever; and nausea.

Salmonella Hotel Focus

Simpson Millar’s holiday compensation specialists are currently monitoring the following hotels where holidaymakers claim to have contracted salmonella poisoning:

About Salmonella Food Poisoning on Holiday

Most cases of Salmonellois contracted on holiday occur in infants and young children and the usual method of spread is by ingestion of contaminated food – experts claim there is a high percentage of infection in chicken and eggs.

Large salmonella illness outbreaks have been reported from all-inclusive hotels abroad particular in Egypt and Turkey, and the usual explanation is that food is contaminated at source and inadequately prepared prior to serving to guests. Holidaymakers often claim that food is left for several hours in soaring temperatures allowing salmonella organisms and other bacteria to multiply rapidly.

Less commonly, a hotel employer who is excreting the organism may contaminate the food after cooking. Person to person spread can occur, since the ingestion (by the faecal-oral route) of salmonella can also cause food poisoning. The incubation period for Salmonellosis is usually 12-36 hours with a range of 6-72 hours.

Salmonella Compensation Claims – Latest News

How to claim compensation for Salmonella food poisoning

Holidaymakers travelling with reputable holiday companies on traditional package holidays are able to claim compensation with help from Simpson Millar’s specialist travel lawyers. The services of an experienced team of holiday claims experts are available on a No Win No Fee basis. We can pursue compensation claims against tour operator though the protection offered by the 1992 Package Travel Regulations.

Travellers are advised not to extinguish their rights by contacting their tour operator’s legal staff directly before seeking legal advice from a travel lawyer, and certainly before accepting holiday vouchers or cashing cheques worth a fraction of a claims true value. A letter denying responsibility followed by a gesture of goodwill is a tactic used by most tour operators to avoid paying injured parties an appropriate amount of compensation for their holiday claim.

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