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Holidaymaker Wins £5000 Compensation for Holiday Illness in Jamaica

Holiday Illness Compensation

A Scottish holidaymaker received £5000 from Thomas Cook after falling ill whilst on a package holiday in Jamaica.

Mr Chesney contracted Shigella, a form of dysentery, whilst holidaying on the Caribbean island.

The symptoms Mr Chesney experienced were very unpleasant with his holiday ruined by severe bouts of diarrhoea and stomach pain.

After returning home Mr Chesney contacted Simpson Millar Solicitors, leading Holiday and Travel Law experts, to enquire about making a claim for compensation.

Nick Harris, Head of Travel Law at the firm was able to take on the case. He said;

Food Poisoning at the Hotel

“In Mr Chesney’s case there appeared to me to be a clear failing in hygiene standards and practices at the particular hotel. The illness Mr Chesney suffered whilst on holiday in Jamaica was most probably food poisoning.

Some of the practices at the hotel were unacceptable. For example wild birds were allowed to contaminate the buffet restaurant and meat such chicken was undercooked and served bloody and pink.

Food poisoning can be easily avoided if food handlers take reasonable care to cook food properly and ensure it is sourced through reputable suppliers and stored and prepared in hygienic conditions”

Fantastic Service

When asked to describe the service he had received from Simpson Millar’s specialist Holiday illness and Accident Claims specialists a delighted Mr Chesney said;

Fantastic. A very professional service. Nick Harris is very good at what he does - very professional and friendly. I felt completely assured during every step of the process”

No Cost No Worry

Simpson Millar Solicitors were able to able to assist Mr Chesney under the terms of a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement.

This type of funding meant that Mr Chesney was able to pursue his case safe in the knowledge that if his case failed then a special “after the event” insurance arranged by Simpson Millar would cover his legal fees.

Unlike many law firms Simpson Millar’s Holiday Claims Solicitors promise to limit their fees to whatever they recover from the opponent at the end of the case.

So in Mr Chesney’s case it really was a case of no win no fee and he received every penny of the £5000 awarded.

Has Your Hotel Had an Illness Outbreak?

Nick Harris and his dedicated team of travel lawyers closely monitor hotels in Jamaica and other popular tourist destinations for signs of illness outbreaks affecting UK tourists.

Holiday Hotel Watch

Some of the hotels that are closely monitored can be found by visiting the Hotel Watch page by clicking the ‘Alert’ icon at the bottom of this page.

You can check out on Hotel Watch if your holiday hotel is causing concern and if you know about a hotel abroad where guests are falling sick then please drop us a line.

If you have been a victim of illness, sickness or food poisoning whilst on holiday then get in touch with Nick and his team today and claim your compensation.

You could be entitled to claim substantial compensation if your foreign holiday was spoilt by food poisoning. Types of food poisoning holidaymakers often complain of included salmonella, campylobacter, E-coli and cryptosporidium.

Simpson Millar are a national law firm with Holiday Claims Solicitors in Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, London, Cardiff, Wimbledon, Sheffield, Bristol, Lancaster and Gateshead.

Dated: 20/02/2012


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