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Stomach Bug Ruins Family Holiday at the Flamingo Beach Resort

2 guests at the Flamingo Beach Resort in Lanzarote have won £3,500 compensation for contracting a sickness bug during their stay.

Poor hygiene at resort

The couple had booked into the 4* Flamingo Beach Resort in Lanzarote on a 7 night all-inclusive holiday with their 2 children in a bid to get a nice break in the sun. It was their first all-inclusive holiday as a family and the Holiday Village had been recommended to them.

On their arrival the hotel and staff were more than hospitable with nice clean rooms. It seemed the ideal holiday for their needs. Every morning the family would have their breakfast on the main restaurant which was a self-service buffet.

One of the most shocking things the family witnessed was the lack of care given to keeping birds out of the restaurant. They would swoop in, stand on tables, eat scraps of food and fly over the uncovered food on the buffet.

Even the cleaning of the tables became sub-standard with staff only wiping them when asked and even then they used cloths pulled out of their pockets. Although hand sanitising facilities were available the staff were not quick to fill them even after being asked by our holiday makers. As the days went on the family noticed that the meat served was often lukewarm so they opted for sausages, mash and peas and as the days passed they ate less food.

Contaminated water in swimming pools

A few days into their holiday the main pool, baby pool and the quiet pool were closed. People had witnessed other holidaymakers being sick in the pool. To remedy this, one of the travellers said they saw a member of staff throwing something that smelt like bleach into the baby pool.

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Illness on holiday

While on holiday, the couple began to feel unwell and suffer from headaches, nausea, stomach cramps, bloating and loss of appetite. Whilst on holiday one of their children also became violently ill and was sick for the journey from Lanzarote to the UK.

The couple's symptoms lasted for about a week and upon returning to the UK they both conducted a telephone interview with their GP.

Legal assistance for holiday illness

The family contacted Simpson Millar in regards to their illness while on holiday. We made a claim against their tour operator, TUI UK, for the couple's loss of earnings, out of pockets expenses, care and assistance, loss of leisure time all encountered as a result of the illness.

Simpson Millar successfully helped the couple to win £3,500 compensation.

Dated: 01/07/2013