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£12,000 compensation from Thomas Cook following food poisoning at Mexican hotel

A Manchester holidaymaker who fell ill at a Mexican hotel represented by Thomas Cook has been paid compensation.

Our client was nearing the end of her stay at Cancun's Golden Parnassus Hotel in April 2012 when she began to suffer acute gastrointestinal symptoms. These were characterised by sickness and diarrhoea.

Food poisoning compensation claim at Golden Parnassus Hotel in Mexico

The symptoms intensified during her return flight, and by the time she got home the 44-year-old retiree was in severe pain. On admission to the Manchester Royal Infirmary, doctors found she was suffering from an infective gastric illness.

All-inclusive holiday package gave no room for doubt

The holidaymaker was close to the end of an all-inclusive holiday when the symptoms appeared, it is possible that her illness was likely to have been caused by poor food and/or water at the hotel.

Simpson Millar's Paul Stevens confirmed that she had been enjoying a 2-week package in Cancun on a full-board basis when she was struck down by the illness.

"Our client had been forced to cope with a number of health issues," Paul noted. "She was already retired from work due to problems with her back.

"She suffered from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), which required dietary adjustments, and she was at one point feared to have contracted post-infective arthritis, although this later proved unrelated to the illness."

Liability denied – but operator eventually settled

"It was extremely difficult to prove that the illness was contracted due to negligence at the hotel," Paul continued. "Liability was denied throughout until the tour operators agreed to settle, when proceedings were issued and allegations were made about potential breaches of Mexican standards."

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Praise for Simpson Millar

Following a negotiated settlement with Thomas Cook of £12,000, our client praised Simpson Millar's service. "Paul was very professional throughout the process and kept me updated."

Even if in doubt, press on

Paul observed that our client's claim for food poisoning had been successful despite suffering the worst of her illness on her return flight home.

"Some illnesses, especially gastric complaints related to poor hotel hygiene, might only appear at the very end of a holiday or beyond," Paul said.

"The successful outcome of this case amply proves this point, as well as demonstrating the importance of perseverance against the odds when pursuing a holiday illness claim."

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