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Anniversary couple awarded £9,500 compensation following Egyptian holiday illness

A British couple whose double holiday celebrations were ruined by food poisoning have been awarded damages against their travel firm.

During and after their holiday in Egypt with First Choice (TUI), a well-known tour operator, Mr and Mrs Jackson were both severely ill and had to take time off work. Mrs Jackson continued to be badly affected by symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Egyptian holiday illness led to IBS

More problems in Sharm El Sheikh

When illness struck the couple were staying at the Royal Grand Azure in Sharm El Sheikh, a popular holiday destination.

The couple, aged respectively 40 and 41, took the holiday in June 2012 as a double celebration of their 18th wedding anniversary and Mr Jackson's birthday.

Poor hotel hygiene blamed for 3-year illness

Simpson Millar's James Blower, who acted for the couple, said the hotel's poor food hygiene standards were the cause of the Jacksons' severe gastric illnesses.

"Our clients fell ill on the 3rd and 4th days of their holiday, which meant the better part of the entire vacation was completely ruined for both of them," James said.

"Mr and Mrs Jackson were obliged to obtain medical treatment on their return to the UK. In particular, as a result of her illness Mrs Jackson developed irritable bowel syndrome, which her doctor forecast would continue for another 3 years."

Typical food-poisoning symptoms

In a medical report, Mr and Mrs Jackson were each described as having contracted a gastric intestinal disorder characterised by profuse severe diarrhoea, severe cramping abdominal pains, headaches, flu-like symptoms and nausea.

Prior to their illness, neither husband nor wife ate or drank beyond the confines of the package holiday, attributing the source of their illness to the hotel's "unacceptably poor" standards of food hygiene.

A number of other guests of the Royal Grand Azure also complained about illness, hygiene and the hotel's food.

Egypt holiday sickness complaint down to poor food hygiene

Travel firm silent at first

After submitting a detailed claim siting 20 breaches of the Package Travel Regulations 1992, we initially heard nothing from First Choice.

"We therefore had to get medical evidence, witness evi dence and details of loss of earnings," James said.

"Once the information had been collected we put forward settlement offers to the defendant. First Choice clearly recognised that it was at fault for the hotel's hygiene failures and our clients' illnesses.

"After some negotiation we agreed a settlement."

Simpson Millar praised by client

Mr and Mrs Jackson's settlement – respectively £2,500 and £7,000 – helped them recover some of cost of their holiday and expenses, as well as compensating Mrs Jackson for her continuing symptoms.

Following settlement, Mr Jackson praised our "great customer-focused service", adding that he "will be recommending Simpson Millar to all family and friends".

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