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£4,500 for Faulty Air Con Slip in Guayarmina Princess Hotel, Costa Adeje, Tenerife

The Guayarmina Princess Hotel is advertised as a prime holiday destination by tour operators such as Thomson to British tourists looking to enjoy a relaxing break by the Atlantic that includes gorgeous sunshine courtesy of Tenerife's warm climate.

The Guayarmina Princess Hotel features a swimming pool that makes it an attractive location to holiday makers with reduced mobility looking to enjoy a swim in the warm weather of this Spanish island. Unfortunately our client, who is a full time carer for her daughter, appears to have been unable to enjoy herself due to a holiday accident caused by a faulty air conditioning unit.

Faulty Air Con' Disaster for Mother and Daughter

Our client provides full time care for her daughter who uses a wheelchair, and as many of us tend to do when travelling abroad, entered her room in Tenerife under the assumption that nothing untoward would happen to her.

It's apparent that the air conditioning unit in her room was faulty and had subsequently leaked on the floor creating a dangerous slipping hazard. While pushing her daughter's wheelchair our client appears to have lost her footing as a result of the excess water and slipped and fallen.

Following the fall our client found that her mobility was severely reduced with her arm having to be placed in a sling.

This meant that aside from her holiday being ruined, our client was unable to provide the level of care for her daughter that she would have done, and had to rely on others to help.

Low Maintenance Standards at the Guayarmina Princess Hotel

Our client noticed that the air conditioning unit was faulty and did the right thing by notifying the hotel staff of the problem, but it appears that the issue was not resolved to a satisfactory standard by the Guayarmina Princess Hotel.

There are a number of issues that can cause an air conditioning unit to leak, and with such issues being simple to fix, it's clear that there is more that could have done more to prevent this accident from happening.

Our client reported that the cleaning staff at the Tenerife hotel did put towels down to soak up the excess water, but nothing was done to fix the source of the water leak which led to a holiday nightmare.

Holiday accident claim for compensation

What the Guayarmina Princess Hotel Should Have Done

This appears to be another instance where a tour operator such as Thomson has offered a holiday to a resort where not enough has been done to ensure that British holidaymakers are safe and able to enjoy their break abroad free of concern.

There are several things that could have been done to prevent this holiday accident from happening, including some of the following:

£4,500 Holiday Accident Compensation

It appears to be clear that precautions were not taken by the Spanish hotel or Thomson, and as a result of poor standards at the Guayarmina Princess Hotel, the holiday was ruined.

Our client attempted to prevent the accident from happening by complaining to the hotel staff before her holiday accident happened, but it appears that due to lack of care by the hotel an injury was unavoidable.

Upon returning home our client contacted our Holiday Claims specialists who provided her with advice on how to proceed with a claim, and following our representation our client was awarded with £4,500 compensation.

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Tour Operators - be warned!

Whilst compensation can't fix what should have been an amazing holiday, it shows tour operators like Thomson that the British public won't stand for unsafe conditions.

Our Holiday Accident and Illness Claims Specialist, Claire Rabbetts, had the following to say on the incident at the Guayarmina Princess Hotel:

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