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Campylobacter Holiday Illness Bug Exposed on BBC's Secret Tourist


The BBC programme The Secret Tourist has exposed the dangers of contracting the nasty Campylobacter bug whilst on holiday. The programme focused on a hotel in the Dominican Republic, yet the campylobacter disease is also rife in other holiday illness hotspots like Egypt, Turkey, Mexico and the Canary Islands, including Tenerife.

The Campylobacter food poisoning bug is a common holiday illness as it can be contracted by eating undercooked food or drinking unchlorinated water.

However, the programme also pointed out a more worrying way in which you can contract campylobacter on holiday, even if you are very careful about what you eat or drink.

Many 'all inclusive' holiday resorts have open air restaurant areas where food is laid out in a 'help yourself' buffet style. And the problem is that many a local bird flies in and does just that.

Around 50% of birds carry the campylobacter bacteria. When they arrive to peck at buffet food they transfer the disease from their beaks to the food – and then to you.

But you don’t need to eat a thing to contract the disease – campylobacter is also present in bird droppings. And in these open air eating areas, bird droppings are present on tables and chairs all around you.

Campylobacter is no ordinary holiday illness food poisoning bug – it causes the initial horrible symptoms of diarrhoea but can also have a long-term effect. Campylobacter can be responsible for Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Reactive Arthritis, conditions which cause discomfort long after the initial holiday illness.

Imagine your toddler clambering over a droppings-stained chair then putting his fingers in his mouth. Or yourself, enjoying a holiday drink whilst unknowingly exposing your hands to campylobacter which you can then easily transfer to your mouth, your eyes – or your family.

You should not be exposed to campylobacter in any way on your holiday, yet this holiday illness is particularly linked to all inclusive holidays outside of Europe such as Egypt, Turkey, the Canaries and The Dominican Republic.

And as The Secret Tourist has shown, our feathered friends can soon turn into airborne enemies when they start using your holiday hotel’s tables and chairs for target practice!

We are experts in claiming compensation for holidaymakers who have suffered the holiday illness campylobacter – if you have contracted campylobacter food poisoning on holiday as a result of poor hygiene at your holiday resort you should have a good case to claim compensation. Get in touch about your holiday illness compensation claim today on:

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Dated: 30/07/2010


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