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£750,000 for Holidaymaker Left With Kidney Failure After Eating a Burger - Egypt Holiday Illness Claim

Egypt Holiday Ruined my Life...

After a beach barbecue organised by staff at the Hotel Concorde El Salem in Sharm El Sheikh – Egypt, 46 year-old Carl Riley suffered debilitating stomach cramps, kidney failure and such chronic health that he was forced to give up his job.

Finally after a two–year legal battle First Choice Holidays the tour operator settled the claim out of court.

Mr Riley became wracked with severe stomach pains and diarrhoea shortly after eating a burger. By the time he returned to the UK from his holiday in Egypt Mr Riley had lost more than a stone in weight.

His health worsened and he found himself suffering end-stage kidney failure spending three weeks in hospital having blood transfusions.

Doctors eventually discovered that the E.coli bug had left Mr Riley with a rare blood disorder, called Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome.

Mr Riley’s life expectancy has been reduced and he will need to have dialysis for the rest of his life unless he has a liver and kidney transplant, a high-risk procedure.

He reportedly said: "I was medically retired in March last year and have to go to Carlisle for dialysis 3 times a week. You have to spend 4 hours every other day hooked up to the machine and it involves huge needles."

"My medical state means I suffer from fatigue all the time. You feel really, really weak. It's like having flu, but you have good days and bad days."

"I used to enjoy fell walking, cycling and stuff like that. After it happened, I became angry and depressed because my quality of life was reduced."

"My holiday illness happened because somebody didn't do something right like washing their hands, and they contaminated the food I ate."

"I went on one holiday to Egypt and it ended up being an absolute nightmare. When First Choice accepted liability, I wanted to settle this case as soon as possible, but they changed their lawyers and fought on for another 2 years."

The damages settlement Mr Riley received included compensation for his loss of earnings, loss of future earnings, loss of pension, the cost of travelling for dialysis, and the help he will need to maintain his home. – Reported August 2009.

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