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Holiday Compensation Claims Update - News from Simpson Millar Travel Solicitors LLP

After 5 consecutive years of illness outbreaks at the Holiday Village in Sarigerme – Turkey, First Choice Holidays appear to be finally getting to grips with the problem.

Reports featuring on the popular consumer forum site Trip Advisor posted by the first holidaymakers returning from the Holiday Village this year indicate that improved efforts to keep the hotel clean and hygienic are paying off.

During May 2010 the Trip Advisor reviews for the Holiday Village Turkey suggest a dramatic improvement in the levels of general cleanliness at the hotel.

First Choice seems to have applied itself to resolving the issues it has had year on year at the Turkey Holiday Village following the much publicised adverse media reports it attracted last year.

Let’s hope First Choice can make it through the summer without another sickness outbreak.

Simpson Millar is currently representing more than 100 holidaymakers who stayed at the Holiday Village Turkey during summer 2009.

Food Poisoning image

In Tenerife the Los Gigantes Hotel was severely hit by an 'airborne''winter vomiting bug' throughout January right into March 2010 with holidaymakers demanding to know why they were not warned about the scale of the problem by their tour operator before departing from the UK. Presumably the tour operators resort staff didn’t know about the huge problem?

In Egypt the Movenpick Taba Resort Hotel had a major outbreak of illness during April 2010 which carried on well into May 2010. According to the management the illness was not food borne. According to those who stayed there it was.

As seems to be the case in every outbreak of illness at hotels these days the tour operators involved flew in "independent hygiene specialists" like lightening. No prizes for guessing that the "independent hygiene specialists" found nothing untoward at the hotels. So to all of you who were seriously ill at the hotels you will be pleased to know that the hotels scored a clean bill of health!

Again holidaymakers complained that they were not informed about the sheer scale of the illness outbreaks and those who became aware were told by their tour operator they could not change their holidays!

In the Dominican Republic the Dreams Palm Beach Resort was hit by a bug during February 2010! In Majorca the Hotel Hawaii was struck by the strange 'airborne virus' bug. Independent Hygiene Specialists found….. nothing wrong!

Nick Harris, Head of Travel Law at Simpson Millar says that this early indication of substantial illness outbreaks at hotels abroad suggests that 2010 will be a challenge for tour operators.

Nick says: "The big tour operators have noticeably increased their all-inclusive hotel programmes. This is good news for holidaymakers who now have more choice but behind the scenes there is a huge pressure on foreign hoteliers whose profit margins have been squeezed by the strength of the Euro, the recession and the general global economy".

"Cutting corners is inevitable. Less staff and cost cutting will be unavoidable to many hoteliers. I am sure however that independent hygiene specialist will be rubbing their hands."

"At Simpson Millar we hearing more and more complaints from holidaymakers about the quality of food at hotels with numerous reports of food being reconstituted – with the same foods served at breakfast being later transformed into something different by supper time.”

"What we say to anyone who finds themselves in a situation where they and everyone around them are becoming ill is to swap names and addresses."

"Take photographs and DVD’s of what is happening at the hotel and make sure you look out for hygiene failings and report them to your holiday representative. Ask them to let you have a report form – list all your observations and complaints on the form and make sure you keep a copy."

"Unless you take these steps at the time it will be very difficult to support your complaint when you get home – especially after the independent hygiene specialists have visited the hotel and given it the usual clean bill of health."

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Dated: 02/06/2010


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