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Holiday Illness Claims - Infected Hotel Food Handlers – Claim Compensation for your Sickness!

Holiday Illness Claims Solicitors, Simpson Millar LLP receive hundreds of holiday illness claims each year from holidaymakers returning ill with food poisoning from hotels mainly in Morocco – Tunisia – Egypt – Turkey - Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

If you have returned from a holiday abroad having been sick with salmonella food poisoning – campylobacter – dysentery – giardia or e-coli then Simpson Millar can help you claim compensation for your holiday illness from your tour operator.

As the summer holiday season approaches Simpson Millar’s Holiday Illness Claims Manager Simon Lomax raises concerns he has about hotel employees' fitness to work as more and more UK holidaymakers look forward to all-inclusive holidays abroad.

Simon says "Hotel employees and particularly kitchen staff who attend work with symptoms of illness such as diarrhoea or vomiting pose a significant infection risk."

"They can easily contaminate food they handle which is then served to holidaymakers."

Reported holiday illness infections attributed to transmission from infected hotel staff include salmonella enteritidis, salmonella typhimurium, and norovirus – these infections account for the majority holiday illness outbreaks and individual infections contracted by British holidaymakers abroad.

Simon explains, "Infected food handlers can carry food poisoning bacteria either with or without symptoms. Many hotel food handlers who go off ill with a food-borne disease, appear to make their own decisions about returning to work and often without medical advice."

"Hotel staff in developing countries such as the Dominican Republic and Egypt often cannot afford to take time off work and so may therefore carry on working whilst infected. Many hotel food handlers abroad do not have access to health advice and because a lot of gastric illnesses are short lived they continue to work or return to work too soon."

"Given the scale of food-borne holiday infections from salmonella, campylobacter and E-coli, which are common causes of holiday food poisoning outbreaks, ensuring hotel food handlers’ fitness for work must be priority for all reputable tour operators."

"Taking stool samples from hotel food handlers, which should return clear, before they are permitted to return to work is an extremely important measure to preventing holiday sickness outbreaks – the holiday industries own guidelines suggest this practice but it is not always followed."

"Infected hotel staff should be excluded from hotel kitchens and serving areas etc. following an episode of gastroenteritis for at least a further 48 hours following the cessation of symptoms."

"More stringent guidelines apply to infection by Salmonella Typhi, E-coli, and Hepatitis A."

"The most common routes of transmission of holiday illness to travellers’ are via the faecal oral route and via aerosol formation from vomit."

"Hand washing with soap and water is an effective method for preventing the spread of infection from food handlers to food in hotels but whilst awareness of the need for frequent hand washing is high, compliance is often low."

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