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Cryptosporidium News 2010 – Illness at the Holiday Village Sarigerme Turkey

Have you been ill whilst staying at the Holiday Village in Sarigerme?

Distressed and angry holidaymakers are contacting Simpson Millar’s specialist Holiday Claim’s team once again seeking compensation for ruined holidays caused by illness at First Choice Holiday’s family resort, the Holiday Village in Sarigerme - Turkey.

Travellers’ returning from the Holiday Village Turkey in October 2010 have confirmed that the Environmental Health Department has contacted them to explain they have contracted the water borne holiday bug cryptosporidium - a parasite associated with dirty swimming pools and faecal contamination.

Holidaymakers have suffered symptoms including: profuse and watery diarrhoea - violent stomach cramps – flu like symptoms – fever and headaches during their stay at the Turkey Holiday Village.

Senior Holiday Claims Solicitor, James Blower, says:

"Simpson Millar’s Holiday Illness team is aware that outbreaks of sickness have emerged as a serious challenge to First Choice especially at the Turkey Holiday Village."

"The Holiday Village has 17 swimming pools which presents the tour operator with a challenge. We are currently instructed by approaching 100 holidaymakers who contracted cryptosporidium and salmonella during summer 2009 with many also suffering from ear infections."

"First Choice Holidays has a legal obligation to compensate its customers if it is proven that the Holiday Village Turkey failed to maintain its swimming pools to reasonably safe hygiene standards. Cryptosporidium illness claims are avoidable if tour operators work closely with hotels and their governing bodies (the Federation of Tour Operators) to ensure they offer safe and healthy holidays at every opportunity."

"Outbreaks of holiday illness from dirty swimming pool water can be reduced if water is filtered using modern techniques."

"Hotels are also expected to implement and enforce a faecal accident plan."

"Concerns about hygiene at the Holiday Village Turkey have raised their ugly head again as holidaymakers returning from the Hotel in October have tested positive for Cryptosporidiosis!"

"Fortunately, those holidaymakers seeking to claim compensation for their illness have the benefit of powerful consumer regulations in the 1992 Package Travel Regulations. These regulations entitle those who have been subjected to water borne parasites on holiday to claim compensation from their tour operator, under UK law."

Simpson Millar Solicitors are holiday illness claims specialists and take on illness cases on a 'no win no fee' basis.

If your holiday at the Holiday Village Sarigerme in Turkey was ruined by stomach upsets or ear infections then contact us on:

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Dated: 27/10/2010


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