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Holidaymaker who Slipped and Fell Head first into an Ornamental Pond Receives £20,000 Compensation

A holidaymaker was involved in a slipping accident during a holiday in Cyprus. The gentleman was walking through reception on his way to play table tennis with his son. In the middle of hotel’s reception area was an ornamental pond with a central fountain surrounded by a miniature wall.

The surface of the reception floor was constructed from smooth marble tiling - the lighting in the reception area was dim.

The holidaymaker's case was that he slipped on standing water as he walked towards the ornamental pond. The unlucky holidaymaker struck the wall as he slipped falling head first into the pond. He struggled to escape and slipped and fell again sustaining further injury.

Nick Harris, instructed by the holidaymaker, comments:

"The case turned on its own facts given it was common ground that, if it was established that water was on the floor as my client walked across it, then it should not have been there. The tour operator’s evidence was that a yellow warning sign was in place in the vicinity and it should have mitigated the risk of slipping."

"The tour operator also suggested that there was no water on the marble floor before my client had fallen into the pond. It was alleged that the puddle had been created by my client dripping water on the floor himself as he climbed out of the ornamental pond."

"Happily and as I expected the judge accepted my client’s evidence when read in the light of the tour operator’s contemporaneous Incident Report. He found that there was water on the floor before the accident which caused my client to slip. The judge awarded my client £20,000 to compensate him for his injury.”

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Dated: 10/05/2010


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