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Sickness Update - Rhodes Holiday Village Illness

Holidaymakers struck by an illness outbreak at the Holiday Village in Kolymbia – Rhodes are continuing to contact Holiday Compensation specialist Simpson Millar Solicitors.

On the 21st of July Simpson Millar released breaking news articles on its website and its sister site describing a large scale outbreak of sickness at the Rhodes Holiday village.

The Sunday Mirror newspaper ran a story with headlines "Brits hit by hotel bug" – The paper reports that 60 British guests had to be rushed to hospital and that at one stage there were a dozen ambulances queued up outside the Holiday Village.

Head of Holiday Travel Law Nick Harris is concerned that there are mixed messages appearing from the tour operator First Choice Holidays who operate the Holiday Village in Rhodes.

Nick Harris said: “I have been contacted by around 40 people affected by the diarrhoea and vomiting bug whilst at the Rhodes Holiday Village in Kolymbia and expect this number to rise."

"I have also been contacted by many people due to travel who are naturally very worried about the situation."

"It seems that the illness outbreak started somewhere around the 14th of July and peaked on the 17th when dozens of British holidaymakers required hospital treatment."

"Of those I have spoken to it appears many have already been contacted by First Choice with offers of substantial compensation."

"What does concern me though is the confusing information."

"People who have been contacted by First Choice following their illness have been told that the cause of sickness has yet to be established."

"However, those who have yet to travel and have contacted First Choice concerned for the health of their families have been told that the cause was an airborne virus or due to the heat or over indulgence."

"People who have been ill have a right to be very concerned and First Choice should provide conclusive answers. Many of those treated in the resort were treated with antibiotics which generally have no or little effect in treating viral irritants. "

"It seems to me very odd that only one side of the resort was struck by illness."

"Until the cause has been established First Choice need to think about their customers’ health and should review whether the Rhodes Holiday Village hotel should be closed temporarily to allowing deep cleaning and a proper investigation."

"Carpets and communal areas where people have vomited need to be sterilised and if there is a concern that the water is infected the pools should be drained. Without a thorough cleansing operation – which cannot be conducted whilst there are many hundreds guests wandering around – the risk of bacterial and viral infection must remain high – especially if the bug is one that can be transmitted from person to person."

Nick Harris is concerned that the cause of the illness remains unclear and has the following advice for anyone who has been affected by illness either during or following their stay at the Holiday Village in Kolymbia, Rhodes.

"It is very important that you consult your GP and explain the situation. Many bacterial infections such as giardiasis e-coli – legionnaire’s disease and cryptosporidium can remain dormant for a long period of time before the symptoms present."

"*If you have children or a weakened immune system this advice is extremely important."

"If you are contacted by First Choice offering you compensation ask them to put their offer in writing and to keep the offer open for 28 days. Get legal advice about any offers of compensation as any offer made might grossly undervalue your claim – particularly if your symptoms have not cleared up."

"The reason you should seek 28 days to consider the offer is so that you and your family have sufficient time to recover and to consult your GP and make sure you receive the all clear. Ask for a stool sample to be tested."

"Once you have accepted an offer of compensation it is usually binding except in the case of children (unless you sign a ‘parental indemnity form') so you must be very careful to read and understand any forms you are asked to sign if you decide you want to accept First Choice’s compensation – You should be very aware to read any documents you are asked to sign concerning compensation for your children – You may by signing the document take away your child’s right to proper compensation at a later date.”

Nick Harris said “I have been kept advised of developments by dozens of people who have returned from the Holiday Village Rhodes and will continue to be kept informed by many people who are travelling there during the summer. "

"I have also been closely monitoring the usual consumer holiday forums."

"Tripadvisor and Holidaywatchdog – whose partner’s include First Choice Holidays – posted initial reports then seemed to stop from the 17th July."

"However the website Holiday-Truths has a current forum running for people who are either travelling to the resort or have just returned. If anyone has any concerns I would suggest they join the Holiday-Truths forum."

"There is also a large Facebook group with over 1500 members discussing the illness at the Holiday Village in Rhodes but it seems that some members of the group, particularly those concerned about the illness outbreak, have now been blocked."

If you or your family have been affected by illness Holiday Village in Kolymbia – Rhodes get free advice by calling Simpson Millar’s Holiday Compensation Claims Team on:

Freephone: 0808 145 1353 or drop us a line using the form above.

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Dated: 26/07/2010


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