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£4,250 for Salmonella Holiday Illness Victim

Simpson Millar Solicitors are expert Holiday Illness Claims Lawyers and win compensation for holidaymakers struck by illness and sickness abroad caused by Salmonella Food Poisoning.

Turkey Holiday Nightmare Victory

The following case study is genuine and available for inspection at Simpson Millar Solicitors Manchester office;

After becoming sick during a holiday in Turkey Mr. D. Powell of West Yorkshire received an out of court compensation award of £4250

Simpson Millar’s Holiday Claims specialist, Nick Harris, took on Mr Powell’s case on no win no fee terms.

After receiving his cheque a delighted Mr. Powell said; “The service I received was very professional and straightforward and it was easy to understand each process”.

Referring to Travel Law Specialist Nick Harris, Mr. Powell said; “Nick acted very professionally. The service I received was excellent. I would recommend Simpson Millar every time”.

Package Holidays – The Law

Nick said: “It is always pleasing when a client is satisfied with the service we provide.”

“At Simpson Millar we aim to make the whole process as simple and straightforward as possible.

Mr. Powell was quite nervous when he first spoke to me. Most people who contact us are usually nervous about approaching a law firm - they associate it with huge costs.

What we try to make clear is that providing the claim is not fraudulent and we believe we have a good chance of winning compensation the service will not cost a single penny as we promise to limit our fees to whatever we recover from the other side.

So in Mr. Powell’s case he received 100% of the compensation awarded and we are now negotiating our costs with the tour operator”.

Nick went on to say;

“In Mr. Powell’s case he contracted Salmonella Food Poisoning. This type of infection is bacterial and indicates that there were serious deficiencies in the food handling and preparation stages at the particular hotel Mr. Powell stayed at in Turkey.

Many people do not realize that they have powerful protection when they book a package holiday. Just because they get food poisoning in Turkey does not mean they can’t make a claim here in the UK.

The Package Travel Regulations are designed to protect holidaymakers and make the tour operator responsible for ensuring that the services that make up the holiday are supplied to a reasonable standard.

In Mr Powell’s case the food that was supplied contained Salmonella and therefore fell below a reasonable standard which then entitled Mr Powell to claim compensation from his tour operator”.

Have You Been the Victim of Salmonella on Holiday?

Simpson Millar Solicitors are leading Holiday Law Specialists and accept holiday claims on no win no fee terms meaning you keep all of the compensation.

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Dated: 28/09/2011


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