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£7,883 Compensation Award for Salmonella Holiday Illness Claim

Holiday Illness Experts at Simpson Millar LLP specialist in claiming compensation for holidaymakers who suffer sickness caused by Food Poisoning in Greece and other holiday destinations including Egypt and Mexico.

This case study is genuine and available for inspection at Simpson Millar LLP’s Manchester office.

After falling ill whilst on holiday in Greece, Mrs. Belk and her family from Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, received £7,883 compensation when Simpson Millar’s Travel Lawyers, took on their claims on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis.

Mrs. Belk highlighted that the service she received from Simpson Millar exceeded her expectations and summed up the level of service received from us as, ”efficient and professional.”

Referring to our firm’s Holiday Illness Claims Manager, she said; “Simon was very knowledgeable about this type of case.”

Asked if she would recommend Simpson Millar’s Holiday Claims team Mrs. Belk said; “Yes.”

Simon Lomax our Holiday Illness Claims Manager said: “I was pleased that Thomson’s decided to compensate the Belk family for their ordeal. Salmonella is a nasty infection which fortunately did not cause any long term continuing symptoms in this case, especially as Salmonella is known to cause IBS and reactive arthritis.”

“In most cases salmonella infections contracted on holiday are caused by substandard food hygiene practices at hotels, but it can often be environmental.”

“In the case of the Kalithea Horizon Royal hotel we also suspected that there may have been E. Coli in the water, but this was not established before Thomson Holidays agreed to compensate our clients.”

“Holidaymakers who are ill on holiday are advised to approach Simpson Millar’s travel team for advice on making a claim, and not to approach the tour operator directly – unless you want a £200 holiday voucher!

“Travellers who fall ill with salmonella food poisoning on package holidays are entitled to receive a proper amount of compensation from their tour operator.”

Simpson Millar Solicitors specialize in pursuing Salmonella Illness Claims on No Win No Fee terms against tour operators.

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Dated: 06/10/2011


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