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Cryptosporidium Parasite Strikes Lanzarote Holiday Village Flamingo Beach

Simpson Millar LLP’s Holiday Illness Claims specialists have been instructed by travellers returning from First Choice’s Holiday Village Flamingo Beach in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote, who have been diagnosed with Cryptosporidiosis.

Cryptosporidiosis is the medical term for the illness caused by the consumption of the protozoa or parasite bug Cryptosporidium.

Simon Lomax, Simpson Millar’s Holiday Illness Claims Manager says:

Cryptosporidium is a waterborne parasite which often strikes holidaymakers who spend time swimming in hotel pools contaminated with faecal matter. The symptoms are severe and include watery diarrhoea – stomach cramps – fever – malaise and green and often offensive stools.”

“Symptoms associated with Cryptosporidiosis are often prolonged and last on average for two weeks but they can persist for longer, particularly if a secondary condition such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome develops. The illness can be severe enough to necessitate admission to hospital.”

“My team of holiday lawyers is currently investigating claims that ‘objects’ were seen floating in the pools at the Holiday Village Flamingo Beach and that the water was generally cloudy.”

“If it transpires that the spate of gastric illness at the Holiday Village Lanzarote was caused by tour operator negligence, mismanagement or failings in hygiene our clients can expect to recover substantial compensation for their ruined holidays.”

Simon continues to say:

“In Spain, including in the Canary Islands, local regulation requires that pool water is maintained to a very high standard.”

“In a recent court decision, which went against the tour operator and its lawyers, Thomson Holidays were order to pay substantial compensation for an illness outbreak in Majorca, again, involving the cryptosporidium bug.”

“Hygiene in all inclusive property should not be compromised and tour operators which control and/or operate hotels exclusively such as First Choice should ensure that the latest water filtration systems are installed to remove parasites such as cryptosporidium from pool water.”

“This incident follows developments at the Cyprus Holiday Village Aliathon where another waterborne parasite, Giardia, has been identified in the stools of several of our clients.”

If you have returned from the Holiday Village Flamingo Beach ill, or any of First Choices 10 other Holiday Villages, having suffered from the symptoms described above we are able help you claim compensation from First Choice Holidays.

Call 0808 145 1353, email or completed the attached enquiry form, to seek advice on making a Holiday Village Illness claim. Our team of specialist illness lawyers are waiting for your enquiry.

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Dated: 04/08/2011


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