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Holiday Accident Claims – Ankle Injuries

Every year holidaymakers suffer horrific accidents on holiday and make successful holiday accident compensation claims.

Slip and trip accident at hotels abroad are a leading cause of holiday accidents abroad. Marble floor surfaces and contamination by swimming pool water and food spillages lead to an increasing number of holiday accident compensation claims being made each year by travellers who sustain terrible ankle injuries.

Can I Make a Holiday Accident Compensation Claim?

You may be entitled to claim substantial compensation from your UK based tour operator or travel agent if the accident was not your fault.

Recent compensation awards for people who have sustained injuries to their ankles range from between £1,900, for a modest sprain injury to around £50,000 for more serious multiple injuries.

Note that these awards and agreed settlements are only for the pain and suffering element of the claim. The compensation awarded does include other losses that make up a compensation which includes for example:

  • Compensation for loss of holiday enjoyment and loss of the holiday’s value;
  • Compensation for the care provided by family members or professionally;
  • Loss of earnings;
  • Private medical treatment (so you do not have to wait on an NHS waiting list).

….and more or less any losses that have resulted from your injury.

Just because you have sustained an injury abroad or on holiday does not mean that you cannot pursue a holiday accident compensation claim. Your legal holiday rights under laws such as the Package Travel Regulations 1992 mean you may be able to bring an action against your travel company here in the UK even though the accident took place at a hotel in another country.

Specialist Holiday Accident Claims Solicitors

Our experienced team of holiday accident lawyers have dealt with holiday accident compensation claims, including severe ankle injury compensation claims at hotels in Turkey, Greece, Spain, Majorca, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Egypt, Florida, Cancun in Mexico, Tunisia and various Mediterranean resorts.

Causes of holidaymakers fracturing their ankle typically include, slipping on slippery substances such as leaking water (from roofs and air conditioning units), spilled drinks and poorly mopped up floor areas of hotels. There have been many other cases such as people slipping and falling down steps and stairs with no handrails or on steps without non-slip surfaces.

Holiday Accident Compensation – How Much?

Examples of ankle injury compensation awards include:

A child obtained £3,000 compensation for pain and suffering against his council following a slipping accident in which he sustained ligament damage to his ankle. [F (A Child) v Birmingham City Council (2010)].

A woman, aged 19, obtained £12,000 after sustaining, amongst other injuries, a twisted ankle following a road traffic accident. The total amount awarded was £165,000 [Charlotte Mercer v Sonia Hornby (2009)].

A 73 year old woman won £26,000 in compensation for her pain and suffering. The lady sustained injuries to her ankle as well as other problems which included an irritable bowel syndrome when she slipped down some steps at a caravan park (see our food poisoning pages for more information about Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS). The total amount awarded was £37,000 [Rodwell v Barron Group LTD (2008)].

Making a Holiday Accident Claim

If you have sustained anything from a twisted ankle to a broken ankle whilst on holiday we may be able to help you claim holiday accident compensation. Any compensation we obtain for you, you keep.

For free advice or if you have any questions about making a holiday accident compensation claim simply complete our enquiry form above or give Simpson Millar’s Holiday Accident lawyers a call.

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