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Holiday Accident Compensation – Claims for Injured Shoulders

Simpson Millar specialise in winning compensation claims for holidaymakers who are injured whilst on holiday abroad.

Did you know that if your holiday is a package holiday your tour operator is responsible for your safety? So if you suffer an accident on holiday, for example, a shoulder injury at a hotel and it was the hotel’s fault then your UK tour operator is responsible.

A common reason people make holiday accident claims and a real cause for claiming compensation are accidents that result in injuries to shoulders.

Slipping on wet floors and steps frequently result in serious injuries including rotator cuff damage to shoulders – which may reduce the persons ability to lift their arm above their head or lift heavy items.

A rotator cuff shoulder injury can reduce a persons ability to do even the most simple tasks – such as changing a light bulb and carrying shopping.

The latest court guidelines indicate that appropriate compensation awards for shoulder injuries fall between £1,000 and £31,500 – this is just the compensation award expected for the person’s pain and suffering.

Other compensation can also be claimed. For example if you have lost earnings you can claim all the money you have lost and also the money you might lose in the future because of your shoulder injury.

Holiday Accident Claims Solicitors Simpson Millar have helped many holidaymakers who have sustained injuries to shoulders whilst at hotels abroad. Some accidents that are common include:

  • Falling down stairs at hotels because the staircase is not lit properly or there are no handrails
  • Tripping over obstacles such as hosepipes, lifted carpets and broken tiles at apartments or holiday accommodation
  • Slipping around wet mopped areas of hotels

Shoulder Accident Claims

If you stayed at a hotel in a foreign country (such as Spain, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Mexico, Bulgaria and Tunisia) that was part of a package holiday, Simpson Millar’s Holiday Accident Claims Solicitors may be able to help you get compensation for your shoulder accident.

Shoulder injuries that have lead to compensation claims include:

  • Broken or fractured collar or clavicle bone
  • Rotator cuff injury
  • Dislocated shoulder injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Shoulder injuries also associated with pain in the back and neck

Examples of recent cases in which compensation has been successfully won include:

A compensation claim made by a 35 year old man who sustained a soft tissue injury to his right shoulder following a road traffic accident. As result of the accident, he received compensation of £11,900 for his pain and suffering [(Rose –v- Azis (2009)].

In another recent case, a young man aged 18 damaged and hurt his shoulder resulting in discomfort. £3,500 was awarded to claimant for the 18 months of pain and suffering he endured [Rafferty –v- Marshall (2010)].

How Can Simpson Millar Holiday Accident Lawyers Help You?

Simpson Millar’s experienced travel team comprise of travel lawyers who have handled hundreds of holiday accident claims through the years. With their inside specialist knowledge of tour operating Simpson Millar’s Holiday Accident Claims Team frequently win compensation for clients without a court hearing and usually without even commencing a court action.

If you have suffered an injury to your shoulder following an accident at hotel whilst on a package holiday abroad that was not your fault then get in touch with our Holiday Claims Experts to see if you can claim compensation on:

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