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What Holiday Accident Claims Solicitors Expect in 2011


Simpson Millar is a specialist law firm of Accident Solicitors who assist holidaymakers that have been involved in accidents on holiday and abroad.

As summer 2011 approaches the incidence of accidents on holiday and particularly involving young men will sadly rise yet again.

A combination of alcohol, high spirits and bravado is a fatal cocktail and especially during a foreign holiday when drinks are cheap and measures are excessive.

Nick Harris, Simpson Millar Head of International Travel Law at Simpson Millar and believes he can predict through his experience the common accidents abroad his team of specialist lawyers will receive in summer 2011.

“It is a fact that safety standards in many countries are not as high as here in the UK and consequently this does have a bearing on the type of accidents we see."

"For example, in some countries there is no requirement for safety glass to be fitted in balcony and patio glass doors. One of the most frequent holiday accidents I receive is young children who have innocently walked into a plate glass door believing it to be safety glass as they are familiar with at home.”

The most common accidents abroad that Nick’s highly experienced team of Holiday Claims lawyer deal with are:

Nick says balcony fall accident at hotels abroad happen frequently for a number of reasons which are often because:

  • The balcony has been constructed at low height
  • Some balconies are designed in such a way that they become a climbing allurement for children or have railings that small children can slip through
  • The balcony may have furnishings which children can climb on

Nick advises anyone contemplating a holiday abroad this year and especially those with young children to reduce the risk of an accident by:

  • Never ever letting children play unsupervised on a balcony
  • Make sure balcony doors are kept locked to avoid that one split moment when a child may see an opportunity
  • Use common sense and resist the silly temptation to lean against or sit on balcony walls
  • Don’t trust that the balcony railings have been secured properly to the walls – lean against them at you peril
  • If you have young children request a ground floor room when making your holiday booking. If you are not given a ground floor ask for one and insist that you be moved to the ground floor
  • Move furnishings away from the balcony railings or wall

Nick says “Taking a common sense approach is probably the most sensible way of reducing the risk of an accident during your holiday. Drink is one factor that is implicated in many accidents abroad and so moderation is called for".

If you have been involved in an accident on holiday that wasn’t your fault and want to claim compensation contact Nick and his Team on:

Freephone: 0808 145 1353 or drop us a line using the form above.

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Dated: 16/03/2011


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