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Mysterious Deaths in Thailand - Toxic Seaweed or Bedbugs?


Simpson Millar’s Holiday Claims Solicitors are asking was it Food Poisoning or a bed bug spray that was responsible for the deaths of two UK holidaymakers in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Reports in the Telegraph newspaper on the 9th May 2011 indicate that the actual cause of the deaths of a British couple, George and Eileen Everitt, was a bed bug spray and not toxic food poisoning caused by seaweed, as alleged by the Thai authorities.

The deaths of both pensioners follow other mysterious deaths in the popular resort of Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand.

A Thai tour guide and Sarah Carter, a young woman from New Zealand, died under similar suspicious circumstances to the Everitts. Miss Carter was staying at the same hotel as the Everitts and her father has been rigorously searching for answers claiming there has been a “cover up” by the Thai authorities.

United Nations toxicologist, Dr Ron McDowell, has been helping New Zealand’s TV3 programme ‘60 Minutes’ to investigate Miss Carter’s death and has determined that he has found a high prevalence of the substance Chlorpyrifos, a used in the extermination of bed bugs.

Each of the victims apparently died of heart related problems which seems too coincidental, given that none had previous coronary problems. Food Poisoning seems increasingly unlikely to have been the cause of the mysterious deaths and it now seems that Dr McDowell has provided the answer.

Holidaymakers visiting Chiang Mai are urged to take care amid the stance by Thai Officials in Chiang Mai who are maintaining that the hotel was just “unlucky”.

Chlorpyrifos is a banned substance in many European countries but used in many Asian countries for killing cockroaches and bedbugs. The chemical is absorbed by the body very quickly and very small dosages can be lethal.

Tips for avoiding Bedbugs on Holiday:

  • Upon arrival at your hotel room, inspect the sheets and mattress for bedbugs
  • If you notice any itching and biting sensation, exit your bed immediately
  • Insist on a change of room or change of hotel (the latter is more likely if you have booked a package holiday)
  • If your bed is omitting chemical orders, exit the bed immediately

If you have been the victim of bedbugs on holiday or Food Poisoning at your hotel Simpson Millar can offer free legal advice about making a claim for compensation.

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Dated: 20/05/2011


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