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Hotel Illness News – Can You Name the Tour Operator?

As the summer holiday season approaches yet again a certain well known tour operator is placing profit above the health of its customers.

Repeated illness outbreaks at hotels in resorts have led to mounting criticism of one leading UK tour operator.

The tour operator concerned has continued to pack holidaymakers off to hotels that have a history of sickness and illness.

Large numbers of British holidaymakers have taken legal action against the tour operator after contracting illnesses ranging from Salmonella, Cryptosporidium and Campylobacter to E. Coli and Legionnaires Disease.

Holidaymakers and travellers’ support groups have condemned the tour operator and urged anyone who has been affected by illness to seek legal advice.

The tour operator has systemically ignored repeated illness outbreak problems at its hotels which can be traced back over years for reasons that can only be attributed to its will to place profits over health and safety.

Many holidaymakers advise that upon booking holidays with the tour operator, no mention was ever made of the continuing illness problems that existed at the resort they had booked to stay at.

The tour operator has since responded in typical fashion claiming that “only a few people” were ill despite returning holidaymakers recounting large scale illness issues at the holiday resorts.

Calls are being made for the tour operator to be heavily fined if they knowingly send holidaymakers to holiday hotel resorts that have a well know history of repeated illness outbreaks.

Those who have visited hotel illness black spots should be aware that they are entitled to claim compensation including a refund of the holiday if they became ill.

Nick Harris, Head of Simpson Millar’s Holiday Claims Department, says:

“Sending holidaymakers to hotels where a problem with sickness has been continuing is beyond negligent."

"Once the tour operator is aware that there are an unusually high number of guests at a hotel falling ill it should immediately get to the bottom of the problem and if it cannot trace the source it should close the hotel’s doors."

"I am being told that people falling sick are being advised by tour operator’s reps that their illness is due to a change in climate, a change in the food, too much alcohol, too much sun. The list of excuses is endless."

"Most people I have spoken to have been abroad before and are accustomed to foreign travel."

"What is particularly worrying is that people falling ill are not being given the correct advice which is to seek urgent medical attention. People trust their tour operator to assist them and this is not happening."

"Food poisoning infections such as E. Coli and Salmonella can cause terrible injury to the kidneys and nervous system if left untreated and this is particularly apparent in young children and the elderly or infirm.”

Have you been affected by a Food Poisoning incident abroad or a sickness bug that has swept through your hotel?

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Dated: 02/06/2011


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