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Save My Holiday – a final episode of illness and infection


The BBC’s illuminating Save My Holiday series ended on a real low for the couple featured in the last episode, Kevin and Abigail Sturman.

That would be the couple who paid £8,000 to have a dream wedding and holiday in Turkey. With their two children. And twenty friends and family members to make up the numbers.

Everyone flew out in high spirits and the first week of the holiday was to be spent relaxing before the much-anticipated wedding ceremony. Until disaster struck 48 hours before the “I Do’s” when first the Best Man, then the Groom came down with salmonella-like food poisoning. The Best Man had to be hospitalised and put on a drip to recover – and he wasn’t the only one. Other members of the wedding party and many more holidaymakers staying in the Turkish resort became ill with food poisoning symptoms and several others also required hospital treatment.

The wedding did go ahead as planned but the Groom experienced crippling stomach pains throughout and by this point every one of their 20 guests had been ill with food poisoning symptoms. The bride and groom blamed poor hygiene standards at the holiday resort for their own and their guests’ food poisoning on holiday.

The show’s resident health and hygiene guru Dr Lisa Ackerley also had a final buffet run and gave her advice on what to avoid on the buffets often served in all-inclusive holiday resorts.

First up was easy – simply read the reviews other holidaymakers have written on popular holiday review websites and see what they say about the buffet food on offer at your chosen hotel or resort.

Next, look carefully – Dr Ackerley was concerned that seafood such as prawns and mussels weren’t presented on a bed of ice to ensure freshness; pasta salads and rice salads looked ‘recycled’ and hard-boiled eggs, whilst cooked thoroughly, could still be affected by water contamination when cooled down using ‘dirty’ cold water.

All dairy, meat and fish foods carry the risk of salmonella on holiday leading to severe diarrhoea, vomiting and fever. These unpleasant symptoms can last for up to a week and in some cases may require hospital treatment. The main reasons for contracting food poisoning, e-coli, salmonella or campylobacter on holiday are due to bacteria in buffet food that has been re-heated, not stored properly or left open to hygiene hazards such as flies and bacteria-ridden crockery and cutlery.

If you are ill on holiday you could be entitled to make a holiday compensation claim. Please follow all the advice on our website on what to do whilst still on your holiday and contact our specialist holiday compensation claim solicitors on your return to claim compensation for holiday illness.

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Dated: 21/02/2011


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