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Sickness Bug Strikes Eftalia Holiday Village

Holidaymakers are contacting Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors complaining of holidays ravaged by an illness outbreak at the Eftalia Holiday Village in Konakli, Turkey.

Reports indicate that guests at the hotel are being struck by a bug that causes severe diarrhoea and sickness with excruciating stomach cramps. It is further understood that many holidaymakers have required hospital treatment with drugs being administered intravenously.

Nick Harris, Head of Holiday Claims at Simpson Millar Solicitors said:

"The complaints we are receiving suggest a serious problem at the Eftalia Holiday Village."

"Most complaints seem to concern the food with reports of British holidaymakers suffering from typical symptoms of food poisoning including diarrhoea and vomiting."

"I would urge anyone who has fallen ill at the hotel to seek urgent medical attention. Bugs such as salmonella and cryptosporidium can cause longer term health problems.

"I am closely following developments at the hotel and will be seeking substantial compensation for those who have had their holidays ruined."

The Eftalia Holiday Village complex is located 1.2 km from the resort of Konakli boasting 3 swimming pools and is sold as an all-inclusive hotel by the large UK tour operators Thomas Cook, First Choice and Thomson Holidays.

If you have been a victim of illness or food poisoning including salmonella whilst on holiday at the Holiday Village Eftalia or have contracted another infection such as e-coli, shigella, campylobacter or cryptosporidium then get in touch by calling 0808 145 1353 or use our online enquiry form above.

Simpson Millar Solicitors are the leading Travel law firm and can help you to claim compensation for your holiday illness on a ‘no win no fee’ basis meaning you receive every penny of the compensation awarded.

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Dated: 30/08/2011


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