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Holidaymakers Warned About Cryptosporidium in Swimming Pools


Health experts in holiday locations are becoming increasingly concerned at a rise in cases of the parasite Cryptosporidium in public and hotel swimming pools.

The parasite is commonly known as ‘Crypto’ and contact results in fever, sickness and diarrhoea and stomach cramps. Symptoms can develop within a few weeks of contact with Crypto and may last for weeks.

Holidaymakers can become ill with Crypto if swimming pool water is not cleaned regularly – or swimmers do not follow proper hygiene rules for swimming in public pools.

Hand hygiene is crucial – in the US, health authorities are asking swimmers using public and hotel pools to make sure they shower before using a public swimming pool.

Hamilton County Public Health Department in the US has seen a huge rises in the number of cases of Cryptosporidium and Dr. Lawrence Holditch said many cases had occurred in young children using swimming pools.

“This is especially common in pools where you often swallow small amounts of pool water…we're asking swimmers to shower before they hop into the swimming pool to wash off any additional germs that they might have been exposed."

“Crypto is a parasite that can make you sick for weeks. Symptoms of this are usually watery diarrhoea, but it can also cause abdominal pain, cramps, a low grade fever and nausea and vomiting.”

Parents are also being asked to make sure very young children do not use hotel or public swimming pools if they require a nappy change, as nappies may leak into the water. Adults and children should also shower before and after using a swimming pool.

Anyone who develops flu-like symptoms and sickness and diarrhoea after using a holiday swimming pool should see their GP on returning home.

If you have suffered from symptoms associated with Cryptosporidium while on holiday and you have used a hotel or holiday accommodation swimming pool on a package holiday, contact Simpson Millar’s Travel Team for free advice on 0808 145 1353, and claim your Illness Compensation – or email your enquiry using the enquiry form on this page.

Simpson Millar Solicitors are Holiday Illness Compensation specialists and accept Holiday Illness Claims on a No Win No Fee basis.

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Dated: 02/09/2011


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