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British teenager critical after holiday quad bike accident

A Turkish neurosurgeon battled for six hours to save the life of a British teenager, who received horrific injuries in a quad bike accident at the Turkish holiday resort of Marmaris last week.

Holiday Accident in Turkey Marmaris

The accident happened after 19-year-old Muhammed Mubashir Sultan and three friends hired quad bikes for the day and allegedly were weaving in and out of traffic at speed along the main dual carriageway at the busy resort.

It is thought the teenager lost control of the quad bike, crashed into the central reservation and crossed to the other side of the carriageway before crashing into a parked minibus.

Despite wearing a safety helmet, Mr Sultan suffered serious head and facial injuries. He was taken to the private Ahu Hetman hospital, where leading neurosurgeon Sukru Sukruoglu performed pioneering brain surgery to relieve pressure on the teenager’s brain.

This involved removing part of his skull and sewing it into the abdominal cavity through an incision to preserve it until swelling to the brain has subsided and the skull flap can be replaced.

Previous techniques removed involving parts of the skull, sterilising them and keeping these frozen in bag, but the risk of contamination is higher wih this method.

Preserving the skull flap in the abdominal cavity can also keep it moist and healthy for up to 20 weeks before it is replaced.

The teenager’s condition remain critical.


Dated: 16/07/2012

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