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Cheap Egyptian Holidays – A Saving or Not!

Many holidaymakers who travel to Egypt each year are struck down with illness while staying there. Some tour operators during the coach transfer from the airport to their client’s hotels actually warn them that they will probably become ill while they are there, but there was no mention of this before they left the UK.

holiday claims

A great number suffer from various strains of Food Poisoning which can be especially dangerous to the young, old and those already suffering from certain pre-existing conditions.

Gary Rawlinson, a member of the dedicated Holiday illness team at Simpson Millar Solicitors, says: “Tour operators in my opinion seem more than happy to take clients to hotels where people are suffering from illness and do not offer them alternative accommodation. It seems that their profits are more important than their client’s wellbeing. Some of our clients truly have holidays from hell where the only trips that they went on were ones to see a doctor.

“I would still, however, recommend that holidays are booked through a regulated package tour operator, as they are provided with protection under legislation if a client becomes ill due to a hotel falling below certain standards. This isn’t the case if the holiday is known as dynamically packaged, where the hotel and flights are booked separately.”

“It may seem that it is the cheaper option to book things separately, but in the long run it means that if a major health problem occurs, a person would not be able to take any action to seek recompense from any of its service providers. I would also recommend that before booking a holiday everyone should thoroughly investigate the hotel as much as possible using online travel forums.”

We at Simpson Millar Solicitors specialise in No Win No Fee Compensation Claims on behalf of holidaymakers who have suffered illness or injury while abroad. We have been very successful in obtaining payouts of up to many thousands of pounds.

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Dated: 22/06/2012


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