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Cryptosporidium Illness Reported at Holiday Village Benalmadena in Costa Del Sol

We have been contacting by holidaymakers who have suffered from Cryptosporidium whilst staying at the Holiday Village Benalmadena in 2014, this bug is spread from person to person or from ingesting swimming pool water that has been contaminated by the bacterium via faecal matter.

Some of the holidaymakers that were taken ill with Cryptosporidium were children. This would suggest that the cause of the illness could be the hotel swimming pool, as children tend to spend a lot of time in the swimming pool compared to adults.

Symptoms of Cryptosporidium include abdominal pain, watery diarrhoea and vomiting. The illness spreads rapidly and when there are hundreds of guests staying in one place, it's no surprise that many guests contract the illness.

There have also been a number of reviews on the TripAdvisor website stating that an illness is spreading around the First Choice Holiday Village Benalmadena.

Lucy from Salisbury wrote "After being here 24 hours both my 4 year and 18 month old son vomiting really badly. My suspicions are confirmed and there's clearly a sickness bug going round. Improve your hygine holiday village!"

Another guest review states "Just stayed in this hotel with family & friends (25 people) 8 of us were violently sick and some had diarrhoea also"

Another holidaymaker reviewed the Holiday Village in Benalmadena - "My husband was violently sick (brought up fresh blood) for 36 hours and I had stumoch cramps and severe diarrhoea on the 4th day, we then took a closer look. Person cooking raw meat was using same hands to handle raw and cooked meat and then handling pastries and then cracking the eggs."

holiday hotel watch

This is not the first time a First Choice Holiday Village hotel has been under the spotlight for causing illness to guests. Worryingly, the Red Sea Holiday Village in Egypt has appeared on the BBC Watchdog program because of the illness that was spreading there.

It seems that the Holiday Village company need to refine their procedures when it comes to health and hygiene standards at their hotels.


Dated: 20/05/2014