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First Choice Holiday Village Complaints – Compensation Specialists

Simpson Millar LLP specialise in helping holidaymakers pursue compensation claims against First Choice Holidays and other tour operators for complaints relating to illness or injuries sustained abroad.

In the last two years we have negotiated settlement for hundreds of holidaymakers who made complaints about their experienced at a First Choice Holiday Village – the majority of compensation claims handled by our claims specialists relate to gastric illness and food poisoning.

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The concept of an all inclusive holiday village, whereby families do not need to leave a self contained resort providing food, drinks and entertainment has been a huge success for the tour operator, First Choice. The Company sends a huge number of holidaymakers to its all inclusive hotels and most return having had a fantastic time.

Holiday Village Illness Outbreak

Unfortunately, these properties are not devoid of problems and illness outbreaks have occurred at several Holiday Villages over the past 5 years.

Simon Lomax, Simpson Millar’s Holiday Illness Claims manager says:

“As the number of families travelling to a Holiday Village increases as the school holidays loom, we expect to see an increase in the number of compensation claims and complaints.”

“To their credit, First Choice Holidays appear to have stemmed the number of illness claims made by Simpson Millar so far this year by improving hygiene standards, but we are expecting the number of claims made to rise in July and August 2012 when the Holiday Villages are at full capacity.”

“In the past, we have heard complaints about illnesses caused by infective organisms such as salmonella – e.coli – cryptosporidium – shigella and campylobacter.”

Red Sea Holiday Village Compensation Success

In January 2011 the Sunday Mercury ran a story about Joshua Massey and his sister, Ellie, who suffered from salmonella infections whilst staying at the Red Sea Holiday Village in Egypt.

Holiday Hotel Watch

First Choice eventually admitted liability subject to causation following lengthy investigations, and the claims finally settled for £8750.00 and £3000.00 respectively, following court approval.

Simon Lomax says, “My clients and their parents were very pleased with the result and the performance of the barrister appointed to conduct the approval hearing in Birmingham on 14th June 2012.”

However, we have another 18 children scattered throughout the country who suffered illness at the Red Sea Holiday Village whose settlements will need approval to ensure that their interests are protected, and that First Choice can be properly discharge from its liability.”

Compensation for Salmonella Food Poisoning

Unfortunately, holidaymakers returning to the UK with illness and food poisoning are quite common. Typical symptoms of salmonella, campylobacter, and other food borne infection include diarrhoea – stomach cramps – headaches – blood in stools and nausea.

Holidaymakers returning from a First Choice Holiday village with a complaint are advised to seek legal advice from a specialist travel lawyer, particularly if they have suffered from bacterial food poisoning. Travellers who accept vouchers or who cash cheques offered by tour operators may extinguish their rights to claim appropriate compensation.

If you have been ill at a First Choice Holiday Village call 0808 145 1353 and ask to speak with an experienced travel lawyer or complete the attached enquiry form to find out about our ‘No Win No fee Service. We advise you to claim the compensation you deserve.

Dated: 18/06/2012


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