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Holiday Sickness Hits the Dar Khayam Hotel in Tunisia!

There have been reports recently regarding holidaymakers becoming ill after staying at the Dar Khayam Hotel in Hammamet, Tunisia. Guests have reportedly been suffering from symptoms such as diarrhoea and vomiting.

Holiday Illness

Many holidaymakers have said that the food at the all-inclusive buffet was covered in flies saying "at the outside forecourt there were more flies than grains of sand on the beach". Others spoke about the lukewarm, barely edible food that was on offer calling it "disgusting".

More seriously, holidaymakers also have spoken of the illnesses suffered after arriving at the hotel, one including a pregnant lady. One guest said "We arrived in the early hours of Thursday morning and by Sunday my travelling companion was poorly. I soon followed suit and was ill from Monday until my return to the UK this morning."

Another guest said "Within 48hrs all 5 of us had the squirts and vomiting… did not see rep for days as he too was ill… eventually after 9 days we saw rep and we ordered him to move us to another hotel which he did at a cost to us"

"I had to have a doctor called for an infected foot caused by flies laying eggs on a cut.

Holiday hotel Watch

Another holidaymaker has also spoke of her stay at the hotel, saying that her and her partner were ill a few days after arriving and are still suffering from food poisoning symptoms long after their arrival back home.

The theme of illness continues amongst most of the recent reviews of this hotel. It would appear that the Dar Khayam Hotel has some very serious hygiene and health issues that need to be addressed at this hotel if they want any more holidaymakers deciding to stay with them.

If you have suffered an illness whilst staying at the Dar Khayam Hotel in Tunisia then contact one of our expert Holiday Lawyers to see if you are entitle to any holiday compensation.

Dated: 08/11/2012


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