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More Brits abroad ending up in hospital after holiday accidents

New research has found that 10 British tourists end up in hospital following holiday accidents abroad every day.

The spike in holiday accidents abroad is mainly taking place at traditional “sun, sea and sex” hotspots like Ibiza and Majorca. Spain saw the highest number of British holidaymakers landing in hospital, followed by Greece – deaths among British holidaymakers have also risen by 4%, said the Foreign Office.

Overall, 3,739 Brits ended up in an A&E during their holiday last year – it is thought cheap alcohol and drugs are fuelling a rise in holiday accidents and crime-related injuries, including rape.

The figures were highlighted in the British Behaviour Abroad report, which the Foreign Office publishes annually.

Accident Injury Abroad

A total of 1,105 British holidaymakers ended up in hospitals abroad in Spain last year, compared with 494 in Greece and 217 in Thailand.

Majorca has seen a rise in accidents of 132% (since 2009-10), and holiday accidents in Ibiza are also increasing.

The Foreign Office said that many of the casualties reported among British holidaymakers abroad involve teenagers, although holiday destinations like Spain also have a large ex-pat population, often comprising large numbers of elderly residents.

More than 56 million Britons travelled abroad in the year 2011-2012 – and the report revealed that many did not realise they would be liable to pay medical expenses or fund medically assisted flights home if they fell ill or had an accident.

The holiday accident hotspots for injuries and deaths from accidents such as balcony falls and other holiday accidents are:

 1. Spain (1,755)
 2. France (778)
 3. Germany (366)
 4. Thailand (296)
 5. Cyprus (237)
 6. USA (210)
 7. Portugal (210)
 8. Greece (147)
 9. Italy (135)
 10. New Zealand (127)

“Common causes include road accidents, pedestrian accidents, balcony incidents and heart attacks,” said the report.

The Foreign Office is encouraging holidaymakers to make sure they have adequate holiday insurance which will cover them for medical expenses, repatriation in case of an accident and dangerous sports activities abroad.

Dated: 09/08/2012


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