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Mystery Illness at the Didim Beach Resort & Spa - Food Poisoning thought to be Likely Cause

Simpson Millar is representing a group of people that suffered food poisoning at the Didim Beach Resort in Altinkum, Turkey amid continuing reports of a bug going round the hotel.

The specialist holiday food poisoning lawyers have already settled a significant proportion of the compensation claims including one client who received £27,500 who returned from the Didim Beach with Campylobacter.

Another child received over £4,000 in a claim for compensation against Thomas Cook for gastric illness at the same hotel.

Other types of food and water poisoning include Salmonella, Cryptosporidium, E. Coli, Shigella, Gastroenteritis and Dysentery.

If you have suffered sickness and diarrhoea at the Didim Beach in Turkey, we can help you claim compensation for the illness suffered.

We can help people make holiday claims on a no win no fee funding basis that means you get to keep all of the compensation – we do not take a cut.

If you have suffered illness at the Didim Beach and are considering making a claim against your tour operator we recommend you take the following precations:

  1. Contact a specialist travel claims lawyer at Simpson Millar for a free telephone consultation.
  2. Has your tour operator given you forms to complete about your illness? - be very careful about how to complete them. Our holiday lawyers can offer free legal advice about how to complete the forms that the likes of Thomas Cook will ask you to complete about you illness.
  3. If you are still at the resort, make sure you report the illness to your representative.
  4. Seek medical attention as quickly as possible if the sickness and diarrhoea suffered at the hotel are serious. You will need to notify your insurance company who should pay for you medical bill.
  5. When you return to the UK report your symptoms to a doctor and insist on a stool sample.

James Blower, Holiday Illness Solicitor for Simpson Millar, is handling the Didim Hotel group action against a number of tour operators. James advised:

“Given the history of this hotel, it is disappointing that in June 2012 there are still people being hospitalised with food poisoning type illness. Tour Operators such as Thomas Cook need to pull their finger out at take measures to ensure people travelling to the Didim stop becoming sick.”

“It is appalling to hear reports of people hoping to enjoy their holiday ending up in hospital”.

“I am pleased to say though that once we were involved, Thomas Cook adopted a sensible approach in providing compensation for the illness suffered at the Didim Hotel”.

Holiday Hotel Watch

The Didim Beach Hotel is a modern high rise hotel with a waterpark. It is featured by Thomas Cook and First Choice. Most people stay there on an all-inclusive basis and eat at the buffet or a la carte restaurant.

We have checked on the Thomas Cook website and holidays and the earliest date customers can travel from (Gatwick) is 16 July 2012. This may indicate that Thomas Cook have stopped selling the property while they bring in health and safety experts to determine the cause of the outbreak.

If you have suffered illness at the Didim beach hotel, please contact one of our travel lawyers today for free advice about making a claim against your tour operator. If your tour operator has offered you compensation, we can give advice about whether or not you want to accept it.

Dated: 28/06/2012


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