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Reports of Illness at the Coma Gran – How to Claim Compensation

Have you suffered from food poisoning at the Coma Gran Hotel in Mallorca? Do you want to know how to claim compensation against a tour operator for illness suffered at a hotel in Spain?

If so, please feel free to contact us today for a free telephone consultation about whether you can claim compensation for holiday tummy.

“On-holiday-claims” is a website ran by Simpson Millar Solicitors dedicated to helping people that suffered gastric illness on holiday.

We have received enquiries about a sickness bug at the Coma Gran Hotel in Sa Coma in Majorca.

Following a review of recent reviews on the holiday review site Tripadvisor, a family has reported losing a couple of days of their holiday due to illness suffered at the hotel.

We appreciate that holidays at this time of austerity are very special to people so to have one’s summer break ruined by sickness can be extremely distressing.

This is where we come in - because what holiday makers affected by stomach bugs do not realise is that they can make a personal injury claim against their tour operator. The reason is because Tour Operators such as Thomson are responsible for ensuring their customers have safe holidays are not at risk of suffering food poisoning.

For example, if a swimming pool caused the illness at the Coma Grand Aparhotel, a compensation claim could be made against the holiday company if they could have done something to prevent the illness from spreading. By managing a swimming pool properly through regular cleaning and chlorination, levels of illness could be reduced to a minimum.

Holiday Hotel Watch

The Simpson Millar holiday illness lawyers specialise in helping people that suffered illness in Mallorca and have excellent knowledge about the complex health and safety regulations that apply. If you have experienced problems at the Coma Gran hotel and you are thinking about claiming compensation for the illness we would be happy to give you some tips about how you should proceed.

If you would like to instruct us to help you, we can do all the hard work such as letter writing and negotiating holiday compensation in your behalf.

The Coma Gran Aparthotel is featured by Thomson and offers holidays on an all-inclusive basis. The hotel features a buffet restaurant a swimming pool and an entertainment programme.

The experienced holiday lawyers at Simpson Millar have been involved in agreeing compensation for some of the largest group illness claims in Mallorca including The Alcudia Pins, Holiday Village Viva and many other claims for holiday bugs at hotels in Mallorca.

We are used to dealing with the Thomas Cook and Tui legal departments who know who we are and usually buckle under our pressure to pay our clients the compensation that they are entitled to.

We are more than happy to speak to anyone that suffered sickness and diarrhoea in Majorca (or anywhere else), whether you think you can claim or not. Your conversation with us will be strictly confidential and you will be under no pressure to instruct us – we are not ambulance chasers!

Dated: 03/07/2012


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