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Salmonella Illness at the H10 Rubicon Palace in Lanzarote, Spain

It has recently come to the attention to holiday illness claims specialists at Simpson Millar Solicitors LLP that a large number of guests have suffered illness at the H10 Rubicon Palace in Lanzarote, Spain.

Salmonella Food Poisoning

We have been instructed by a holidaymaker who has returned from this hotel with her family where her son has since been diagnosed with Salmonella food poisoning.

Salmonella in humans is otherwise known as Salmonellosis and is often contracted by consuming contaminated food or drink. Salmonella bacteria at the H10 Rubicon Palace can be avoided through proper cooking and appropriate hygiene standards.

There have also been holidaymakers writing reviews on the website "TripAdvisor", about their stay at the H10 Rubicon Palace and writing their grievances.

Jill from Bolton travelled to the hotel as a party of 9 including her 2 year old daughter. She wrote "The restaurants had birds flying around inside them and tiny little bugs all over some of the tables and cutlery. There were also flies on some of the food."

"On the second night my 2 year old daughter began being sick… and after speaking to other people in the hotel it appeared that a bug was going round… [The holiday rep] eventually called for a doctor who arrived 15 minutes later who then advised us that my daughter had Gastroenteritis"

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Birds and insects in the restaurant and on the food is a huge cause for concern as this is a sure way to spread bacteria and illness to holidaymakers.

Marie from Bromsgrove also said "You can eat on the 'ship' bar at lunch times but we found that the food there had flies on it, we did complain about this too, but the reception staff were not helpful… My daughter caught a gastric bug while we were on holiday… I would never go back to this hotel in a million years."

Holly from Warrington wrote "Serious issues regarding the standard of food, air-conditioning and cleanliness… The food across the hotel is poor, with dishes often being cold or warm at best. The speciality cooking was sometimes served up raw… "

"Half way through our second week our daughter became quite sick and could not leave the room for 3 days! The pool bar and buffet (doubles as the Italian restaurant in the evening) was infested with flies, especially during the day. This was so bad that we declined to eat in this restaurant at all."

It would appear that gastric illness is prevalent in this hotel and holidaymakers are urged to take precautions when visiting this hotel. If you have recently visited this hotel and also suffered sickness, get in touch today and you could claim compensation for your spoilt holiday.


Dated: 18/10/2012

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