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Salmonella poisoning – Egypt Holiday Bug Claims

Holidaymakers travelling to Egypt are at risk of contracting over 2000 different types of the salmonella bug. Infection with salmonella food poisoning commonly causes gastroenteritis presenting with symptoms of diarrhoea, stomach cramps, fever, headaches and nausea.

Salmonellosis is often a relatively mild illness, but it can be very serious amongst young babies, infants and the elderly travelling to Egypt.

Most holidaymakers travelling to Egypt will contract salmonella by ingesting contaminated food from all inclusive hotel buffets – there is a high percentage of infection in chicken.

Large outbreaks have been reported from hotels where hygiene standards are often poor; the usual explanation is the hotel food is contaminated at its source and is inadequately prepared prior to service.

Simon Lomax Simpson Millar’s Holiday Illness Claims Manager says:

“Holidaymakers should also be wary of Egyptian hotels that replenish dish by tipping new food on top of old – food should be replaced not topped up to prevent it from being left for several hours at room temperature allowing the salmonella bug to multiply rapidly.”

“We also suspect that salmonella is commonly passed to unsuspecting victims by a food handler excreting salmonella or who has the bug on his hands. Often hotels in Egypt do not have soap or hot water in the staff toilets which obviously raises serious concerns.”

"The incubation period of salmonella food poisoning is normally 12-36 hours with a range of 6-72 hours. Following this illness, approximately 5% of children aged under 5 will excrete the bug for up to a year; this can lead to problems within the family especially as it is difficult to eradicate without antibiotics.”

Simon continues to explain;

“Salmonella food poisoning is a notifiable disease which GP’s must report to the Health Protection Agency, and in my experience Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt is the most common destination for those returning with the illness.”

“Hotels in Egypt could prevent Salmonellosis by thoroughly cooking food particularly chicken and prawns, and avoiding the cross contamination of cooked and raw produce.”

“In mass catering the use of raw eggs should be avoided and careful consideration given to food preparation or changing menus to exclude those raw foods known to have high rates of salmonella contamination.”

“Hotels in Egypt should also implement HACCP and the World Health Organisations Codex Alimentarius food preparation procedures to reduce the risk of infection amongst holidaymakers. Safe food should be served at all hotels endorsed by UK tour companies.”

“Simpson Millar’s Holiday Claims Lawyers have successfully dealt with thousands of compensation claims against UK tour operators involving travellers returning ill from Egypt. Many testimonials from our clients are listed on our website – put simply, we successfully pursue salmonella compensation claims!”

“Holidaymakers returning to the UK from Egypt with Salmonella should take our advice – don’t allow your tour operator to take advantage of your lack of legal knowledge as these claims are worth far more than £500.00!

“Victims of a salmonella holiday bug are invited to call us on 0808 145 1353 for advice on the compensation claims process or complete our enquiry form.” ,

Dated: 08/05/2012


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